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There are many ideas about how to store fishing rods. Fishing rods are the most important parts of fishing. You can store them in various ways. Within a minimum space, you can adjust your fishing rods easily.

Sometimes it becomes difficult to store the fishing gear in the right place. Some simple ideas can make your task easy. It is essential to arrange and maintain the fishing gear in a proper way.

Besides, it will keep them safe, and you can reuse them often. Storing fishing rods in a proper place will make your job easier. The different ways to store fishing rods are discussed below.

Storing the fishing rods

Before keeping the rods in storage, you need to clean and prepare them. For preparing the rods, you need a few things. The list is given below:

  • A micro-tip scissors or braid snip
  • A mild detergent
  • Fishing gear lubricant
  • Water
  • A soft-bristle brush
  • An old toothbrush
  • A sponge
  • Paraffin wax
  • Storage rack

The steps to prepare the reels and rods are given below:

store fishing rods

Preparing the reels and rods

Firstly, you have to remove the reel from the rod and keep the rod aside. Fill a bucket with hot water and mix the detergent inside. With a soft brush, clean the reels and reach smaller areas with a toothbrush.

You can use a sponge to clean it further. After drying the reels properly, you have to use paraffin on the joints for lubrication. Then, put the reels aside.

After that, use a bucket full of hot water and mix detergent inside it again. You can use both of the brushes to clean the rod. Rinse it off with warm water. Once the rod is dry, you can use wax on those parts that go through friction. Allow it to get dry and put the reel back on it.

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Fishing rod storage ideas

You can store your fishing rods in different places. You can store it inside your home, inside the garage, or even your car. To store them, you need a holder or a rack or something else. There are many examples of how you can store them in a perfect place.

Storage rack

Inside, your storage units keep a storage rack. After cleaning your fishing rods, keep them on a fishing rod storage rack. Please don’t keep them anywhere touching the wall or the floor or even with another one. Place them in a place where they are arranged systematically.

Keep your rods in a storage unit where the temperature can change according to the climate conditions. With a sound storage system, you can protect your fishing rods from damage and use them again for fishing.

Storing two-piece fishing rods

Here, you will get ideas on how to store a 2 piece fishing rod. A 2 piece fishing rod is different from a single-piece rod. It gets easily broken while carrying it inside cars or keeping it somewhere else. There is a different rod holder system for two-piece fishing rods. You can keep it inside the rod holder and carry it anywhere.

How to store fishing rods in the garage

Storing your fishing rods inside your garage can be very convenient because you can quickly grab one from them and carry it inside your car. Some of them are mentioned below in detail.

Wire shelving rack

You don’t need anything fancy for your fishing rods. You can quickly build a wire shelving rack using short sections of wires. You can attach it with screws to the ceiling of your garage. This system will also save a lot of space for you. This is the best way to store fishing rods in the garage.

PVC fishing rod holder

If you have a PVC pipe and a foam noodle, you can make your PVC fishing rod holder. Take a drill and make holes in the pipe, giving equal space between each of them.

Then using a knife, make slits keeping an equal distance from the pipe. Attach the pipe and the foam noodle to the wall using screws.

At last, place your rods in the PVC fishing rod holder. The PVC rod holder is the perfect concept about how to store fishing rods diy.

Camo cabinet

A camo cabinet having compartments and lockers can be very useful for storing fishing gear. You can keep it anywhere inside your home to store your fishing rods.

Under-stairs storage

An under-stairs storage rack can be a solution to how to store fishing rods. You can manage a little space under your stairs and make small storage. You can make it movable by adjusting the wheels. If you find it troublesome to build, you can buy one that fits under the stairs.

Canoe rod holder

The canoe rod holder is another exciting option for rod storage. You can attach PVC pipes on both sides of your canoe and make a holder for your fishing rods. Your canoe can carry it when you go somewhere. Moreover, you can use it as a storage option inside your garage.

How to store fishing rods in a car

You often need to keep a storage system for fishing rods in your car. You have to travel from one place to another for fishing. That’s why if you can build something useful inside your car, you can safely carry your fishing rods.

While carrying the rods, keep in mind that you need to place them somewhere safe. Some rods get easily broken when they travel through bumping roads.

  1. You can build a rack using wires or PVC inside your car to hold the rods. Build the rack in such a way that it doesn’t drop anything from above. Take proper measurements and build according to the space of your car.
  2. Cabinet storage is another great option for storing any gear. To settle your rods there, you need to adjust the rods’ length by detaching some parts.
  3. You can build a holder on the roof of the car. But carefully secure them on the top so that it doesn’t fall.


Finally, you have got pretty much an idea of how to store fishing rods. There are so many ways to store fishing rods in the correct place. You can manage a little space and make your storage.

To keep your fishing rods clean and safe, you have to take proper care of them. Check them often and keep them in a suitable place.

You should not waste your time before fishing by searching the gears. If you keep them somewhere in front of your eyes, you can quickly grab them and go out fishing. You can manage both your time and energy by doing so.

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