Different Types of Fishing Rods | The Ultimate Guide for Beginner’s

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In ancient times people were used to many techniques to catch fish. Don’t forget once it was the main livelihood for many people. But changing over time fishing has become a hobby. Even professionals take it one step further. Beginners or professionals have to achieve enormous knowledge before expert anglers.

The world is never tired of inventing a stylish fishing tackle. Promising fishing rod brands released different types of fishing rods on the market. The primary consideration of buying fishing rods depends on the sort of fish you’re after.

Types of Fishing Rods

Over time you’ve to develop yourselves on different fishing rods and you have to cherish the true fishing rod meaning in your heart. For your convenience, I talked about different types of rods and segmented them available till today.

Fly fishing rods

The fly fishing rods are fascinating for their lightweight and thin compared to most rods. Those fly fish rods are made of a variety of sizes and styles. They inherently are formed for fly fishing. The lines with those rods are easy to cast very light flies.

The variation of line size rods is used for small or large fish on water. They are made to catch tuna, tarpon, or other large fish. So, the bigger the fish is, the heavier the rod required. These rods are capable of catching trout, they are also known as trout spinning rods.

A principal discrepancy of these fly rods to the others is the lack of butt pieces. This makes this easy to cast with great speed.

Spinning rods

It is true, though spinning rods are quite similar to casting rods. But it is shorter and lighter than casting rods. Like casting rods, spinning rods have large eyes to avoid friction of line on casting. You will find some ultralight spinning rod, which is pretty much lightweight as it sounds.

The usual size of the rods is 4 feet to 9 feet and covered with 5 to 9 eyes each. The major difference between spinning rods and casting rods is how they are used. With casting, the reels are on the top of the rods whereas; the spinning reels are hung underneath. This provides more comfort in the way of catching fish. That’s why spinning rods are the main choice for beginners or amateurs.

Baitcasting rod

These rods are designed so perfectly that fishermen can bait accurately and lure the fish on their demand. The rod is sorted in two; one is a baitcasting rod and another is a spin casting rod.

As I know, Modern rods have no segregation and they are simply sold as casting rods without any specification. Most importantly the eyes are on the top for both.

The eyes of the spin cast are slightly smaller, with one large eye closest to the reels. it also has a  forefinger trigger grip. They are usually designed for spinning cast reels.

The baitcasting rods are similar but the last eye closest to the reels is slightly smaller in the same way line peels off baitcasting reels.

Telescopic fishing rods

Telescopic fishing rods

Telescopic is a top-class compact fishing rod.  Since they can fold into themselves and collapse between 18-26 inches, they can fit almost anywhere you want to place. They are also easily packable on backpacks.

The telescopic fishing rods are made with carbon fiber. This is covered with soft foam. On the other hand, eyes are made with different types of materials to strengthen the sections. It is covered with a hard plastic tip to protect the eyes during the collapsed mode.

Honestly, you can upgrade telescopic rods with your expected reel and lines. Sometimes, you find them as spinning or baitcasting rod types, particularly very prevalent as trolling and surf rods.

Surf fishing rods

Usually, surf fishing rods are longer than any other rods with extended butt sections. These 7 to 18-foot-long rods are also called sea rods. They reached this title with their supremacy.

Surf rods are extremely used as heavy sinkers and cast a long way. Long surf rods allow two-handed casting techniques for throwing. This longer version of spinning rods is suitable for beaches and other big ponds.

Final Thoughts

Becoming an angler expert is not as hard as you think. It is enough to acknowledge what purpose you are using the rods and other tools.

As I explained the fishing rods above are used for specific fish types and the fishing area you select.

If you are a first-time user, it is simply recommended to use the spinning rods, and then with experience, you can upgrade to different rods and techniques. Where the professional use the baitcasting rods most and they also use the other types of rods depends on the objective.

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