How To Use a Spincast Reel | Complete Guide for Beginners

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Most of us have memories that are attached to catching fish, don’t we? I had a regular plan to go fishing every day with my elder brother. We used to go there carrying manual nets and other traditional processes.

Fishing activities are no longer traditional approaches. Several types of reels that we have today, could have you imagined a few years back. Most importantly, these reels like spincast hold a sturdy nature in bringing endless comfort for the users.

Meanwhile, you may have cleared what a rod along reels can do together, don’t you? As most of us are not aware of the reeling usage, we will explore how to use a spincast reel here.

What is a Spincasting reel?

The initial aim before knowing how to use a spincast reel is, what a spincast reel does. First of all, a spin reel is specialized to act as a mechanics-based device that comes with a fishing rod. However, it can do its best while storing, releasing, and collecting fishing lines through a rotatable arm.

There are many types of reels available now and you will find some specialized multiplier reels too. So, what is a multiplier reel? It is mainly a single revolutionary device of your handle that can rotate the spool more than once.

On the other hand, baitcasting is a device where your dominant hand can hold the rod for casting. Meanwhile, the angler can shift your hands to reel. Usually, a baitcasting reel can stand on top of that rod. So, the key difference between them is the placing of the position on its rod.

How to use a spincast reel
How to use spincast reel

How to use Spincast reel

Having a spincast reel which is also known as a closed-face reel is advantageous for any user. It is especially suitable for beginners too. As it has the capability of making all types of casting easier and faster, you can execute your work like a professional individual through it.

To use it, just push the button and keep holding it. Meanwhile, the moment you are letting go of that button, you will see the line is coming out. Besides, it is beneficial to start casting with the lure dangling.

For casting, you have to push down the button along with holding it down. In the meantime, the rod will come out. Then again bring forward that rod in almost 11 o’clock position and you will find casting the lure into the water surface.

Spincast Reel vs Spinning Reel

There is a long discussion between spincast reel vs spinning reel but most users can not identify the main differences. Spincast reels contain a button on their reel. As a result, it can allow the line to unspool comfortably.

Well, a spincast reel comes with no required line twist. Besides, it includes no backlash. Meanwhile, it is much easier to use which makes it preferable among the users.

On the other hand, it contains disadvantages too such as having less durability. Besides, you will see that it comes with the tendency to tear up lines. There are similarities in the spinning reels too in comparison to spincast.

As it is also easy to use while having no backlash. Meanwhile, it can provide great flexibility and works nicely along with lures. Besides, there is a lack of line twisting which is a con of this type. However, this reel can hang beneath the rod while the line wraps around your moving tool.

Types of Fishing Reels

By that time, we have got so many varieties in the fishing reels. Let’s find the types of fishing reels out.

Spincast Reels

Initially, we will find spincast reels in the list. It was the first reel that we used to utilize for the fishing cases. It is highly famous for its cheaper price.

Besides, it needs less investment while it is usable via children too. Meanwhile, you will get to know very easily how to cast a spincast reel.

Baitcasting Reels

These reels are highly popular with millions of anglers. It comes with no line twist which is a very good side. Besides, you will have more strength to do a bigger distance-based cast.

Meanwhile, it can provide you with more control and efficiency for casting. Meanwhile, this type of reel requires more skill and advanced tools in comparison to other spinners.

Spinning Reels

Most of the users have spinning reels nowadays. It will deliver you the highest pleasure in durability and flexibility. Besides, it is suitable for many anglers. In this reel, you can manually flip down the metallic wire after completing the cast.

Surf Fishing Reels

It comes with great flexibility while having a lightweight feel. Besides, you will get it as a versatile one along with having higher retrieval rates. It can nicely withstand the rasping and grinding conditions of any surf.

These are usually made of aluminum, graphite, etc. Meanwhile, you will have it as corrosion and rust-resistant.

Offshore Reels

These reels are quite similar tools to baitcasting and spinning reels. You will get higher durability here though it is a bit expensive. As a result, pricing has made it a bit less attractive.

But you will get the best performance while having the stronger handles even in the rasping conditions. Meanwhile, these are not specialized for battle with beast-sized fish.

Conventional Reels

These trolling or conventional reels come with compatibility in heavy deep sea or even offshore fishing. Besides, you will find construction materials such as heavy graphite, aluminum, etc. It also brings a smoother and sturdier multiple disc-based dragging process.

Meanwhile, you will have a large line capability here. As a result, it will be more helpful for you to handle larger combat.

Fly Fishing Reels

This type of reel keeps great attention in providing accuracy. In order to cast the line in the exact point or area, you can use this reel for a better result. Inside this type, you will witness various subtypes of fly fishing.

One can do better for trout fishing, while others do well in catching salmon. Meanwhile, you will have a great experience with it while getting a good retrieval speed along with accuracy.

Centerpin Reels

A center pin reel can run nicely through the center pin while providing a larger diameter spooling. It’s spooling that comes perpendicularly to that rod. Meanwhile, it can allow users to have larger distance-based castings.


Through this article, you may be able to know what is a spincast reel used for, isn’t it? Well, there are several types of fishing reels available as you have got to know through the above discussion. If you are going to buy one, which one should you choose?

It mainly depends on your requirements, the area of fishing, which fish you are exploring for, etc. So, it is not an easy task to fulfill before going practical. But exploring this review will help you understand the differences, types, traits, and how to use a spincast reel indeed.

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