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This is Luis Leal.

I have been fishing for the last 5 years. At that time I tested lots of fishing rods, reels, lines, and gadgets. I have a team for fishing. I can’t but wait to go fishing once I find the weather seems perfect. It makes me a pleaser and money also.

About Us

What is FishingSnare:

FishingSnare is a collection of top fishing products for Fishing Lovers. We provide our real experience for people who want to save their time and energy while searching for the best product regardless of the budget they have. We want to provide you with the best information you need to make the correct purchasing decision for your specific needs.

In this blog, I have written lots of articles on different types of fishing tips and products review.

Thanking You,

Luis Leal. Editor-in-charge

Email: luis (at) fishingsnare.com