How to Hold a Fishing Pole | Follow the Step by Step Guidelines

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Fishing can be your profession or hobby; you may take it as an adventure during a trip, but many people complain about their missing fishes. If you want to catch large & the maximum fishes, you should learn how to hold a fishing pole because everything depends on the mechanism.

However, I taught many people some techniques to hold the rods & reels to ensure they can catch fishes to their utmost content; I’m a left-handed person, but I have learned both techniques.

Therefore, you should read the whole article, especially if you’re a beginner; I hope it will be useful & informative; isn’t it amazing?

Which Hand Will You Use to Hold Fishing Poles & Why?

Hold a fishing pole properly

Before knowing how to hold a fishing pole, you should know which hand you should use & why; the hand you will use to cast & retrieve should be the dominant one. If you’re a right-handed person you should do the maximum important steps with the right hand.

The holding & switching steps are essential for operating the fishing pole; if you’re using a bait caster, you must know the art of using both hands. Let’s have a look at how to hold a right-handed fishing pole:

  • First of all, you have to place your right hand’s palm under the rod or bait caster; later, you have to place the thumb on the spool.
  • In the next step, you have to push the button to see if the trap goes to the water well or not; if it’s okay, you can place your left hand in the same place.
  • After holding the rod with the left hand, you should place the right hand on the reel; you should hold the thread between your fingers.
  • Thus, you can notice the fish’s movement & trigger the button to control the reel & move it back & forth to catch them accurately.

If you want to know how to properly hold a fishing pole, you can also follow the basic steps that are applicable to all types of rods:

  • The first step is to have the perfect grip on the fishing pole, and holding the handle well is the way to do that; you should fold your fingers around it.
  • While holding the handle & button with one hand, you should put another one on the peak or highest part; please fold the fingers around the pole’s middle or bottom.
  • The easy & last step of holding a fishing pole accurately is to set the fingers in the correct positions; you have to form a V shape with your thumb & forefinger. While the thumb would be on the rod’s folding side, the forefinger would remain on the top.
  • Keep the fingers ready, especially the one on the trigger & the other one on the reel because you have to be prepared to take instant actions.

However, you should understand the techniques, or you can watch some expert videos to have practical knowledge; you may then practice because it will make you more efficient.

How to Hold Spinning Rod: Special Tips for Beginners & the Necessary Guidelines

Spinning rods are quite comfortable to deal with; therefore, many professionals & hobbyists prefer using them. Let’s find out how to hold & use it, including additional tips for newcomers; those are:

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  1. First of all, you have to target the spinning rod with reels & pinky because it will increase your grip; fishermen mostly use their middle and ring finger combination to hold the rod.
  2. The question comes what would you do with the rest of the 3-fingers; you have to put the thumb on the backside, & make the grip stronger with the rest of the 2-fingers.
  3. Please ensure the reel you are attaching is not too heavy because it may later cause pain in between your fingers, especially if you are a beginner.
  4. If your reel is heavy, you shouldn’t depend on the previous method; you can hold the whole rod from the front side & grip it tightly with the thumb forward. You need to be careful while holding the pole with a hand, and ensure that you are maintaining the perfect balance.

How you operate the fishing rod will impact much on the fishing performance because the efficiency will lead the thread to the correct area, & you won’t miss a fish. Let’s find out some tips for beginners in fishing that can make them experts & help in their task.

  • Please keep your left hand ahead of the right one while holding the fishing pole & waiting for a fish to bite; your right hand should instantly follow the left one when needed.
  • Please guide the reel & thread in the right direction, & make it swing to attract the fishes; keep the hands forward to do that.
  • The last thing you can do is to put more force if you are comfortable with setting your hands on the backside; the usual power won’t work well here.

How to Hold a Pole While Deep Sea Fishing: See the Method

Follow the tips to hold a pole while fishing on a deep sea; please don’t miss any of those:

  1. You can attach the fishing pole’s bottom to the ship; therefore, you won’t have to keep holding the whole weight, and you can catch big fishes.
  2. Secondly, you have to put the fingers on the spool & the other hand on the rod & reels to move it whenever you notice any movement underwater; the finger’s mechanism will remain the same as the previous method.
  3. You must guide the reel very often while fishing on a sea because the fishes keep roaming around at various depths; keeping the thread long may also help.

Anyway, enjoy your voyage & fishing with the perfect fishing rods and pole; keep the small tips in mind while executing your plans.


Please collect the necessary items for your fishing, and find out all the setup techniques, including how to hold a fishing pole because they are essential. However, you will never be confused further if you have read the article fully.

Moreover, you should also be careful about the attachments & maintenance because the fishing pole will be more durable if you use & store the parts properly.

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