How to Make a Fishing Rod At Home | Step By Step Guide

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To save time and energy, most of us love buying ready-made stuff. Fishers prefer purchasing a fishing rod from the market or online. That’s why most people don’t know how to make a fishing rod.

Making your fishing rod can save you money. Moreover, anglers will receive another level of joy, making their fishing gear by themselves.

You can add your preference while building a fishing rod. Even the process is not that difficult. With simple materials, you can easily create one.

Why would you build your fishing rod?

Many of you might wonder why it is necessary to build a fishing rod when you can buy one. Well, you can easily buy one but making something with your effort carries extra value. According to me all of you should know how to make a fishing rod.

You can build a fishing rod with the materials around you. It won’t take much time if you are professional. But for beginners, it will require some lessons.

However, I already told you that making a rod is cost-effective. But that’s not the only reason to support rod building.

You can customize and decorate your fishing gear as you want. Colorful threads and patterns will add extra glory to your design.

Besides, you can teach young children to build their own stuff. This practice will lead them to make something by themselves.

make a fishing rod at home

 How to make a fishing rod in real life

We don’t know when you will face a real-time situation. You might get your fishing gear damaged while fishing. In a case like that, you need to think about a quick solution.

Using some natural ingredients, you can build a fishing rod quickly. That’s how you will also learn how to make a fishing rod in the wild.

Making a rod using bamboo

You will need almost 7 to 8 feet long and 1.25 to 2 inches wide bamboo for making a fishing rod. You can use a heavy cutter to slice them into halves.

There are thin partitions inside the cane spaced in 15 to 18 inches. You can remove them using a chisel.

For hardening, some makers heat the bamboo. Others use resin to make it last longer and protect it from water.

After that, the bamboo is cut into precise strips. For the hexagonal blank, six strips are stuck together. Some people use five strips to build one rod.

Then, the strips are glued using excessive pressure. To remove excess glue, sand is poured over them. You need to wrap the strips together using a strong thread.

You can then attach your preferred hooks to the rod. Now you have a clear idea about how to make a fishing rod out of bamboo.

Making rods with synthetic fiber blanks

Fiberglass or carbon fiber is used to make a blank. The fiberglass is made of different elements.

Sand and limestone are mixed in the proper ratio for the preparation. These are added to a glass known as a cullet. Cullet actually helps the ingredients melt together at a lower temperature.

This mixture is formed into liquid molten glass. The molten material is forced into a steel device to create carbon sheets.

The carbon sheets are dipped inside carbon resin and squeezed between rollers to leave a certain plastic amount. You need to make it slightly sticky by hardening it.

The sheets use a metal template to form a shape. Then you can cut them using a blade. One end of the sheet is shaped like a tapered rectangle to fit inside the mandrel.

After that, heating is required to shrink the polymer. You can use an oven to heat the wrapped mandrel for about 30-60 minutes at 160-180° C. To achieve the fiber blank, you need to remove the mandrel using a ram.

The raw blank cannot be used. You need to make it safe by applying protective coatings on it.

However, making a fiberglass blank needs different operations and machines. This might be a challenging option for you to make. But at least, you learned about how to make a fishing rod blank using fiberglass.

Simple fishing rod for children

Children often love making their own stuff. A fishing rod can be easily made using sticks that are available around you.

Stick poles are safe to make and easy to use for fun fishing. I will describe some simple steps to know how to make a fishing rod with a stick.

Find an eight-foot-long stick from any tree. Make sure that the stick is sturdy and stable. Remove any excessive branches or leaves from it.

Tie a string at the narrower portion of the stick. You should try to make it tight. After that, tie a small hook to make a complete fishing rod.

How to make a fishing rod minecraft

Apart from the real world, you can make fishing rods even inside the Minecraft game. It is fun to play games that include fishing activities.

Using a crafting table, you can make fishing poles. But before that, you need to gather the ingredients in inventory mode.

You would need two blocks of wood and strings to invent your rod. Using the stick icon inside your table, you can build fishing poles. Moreover, you need three sticks to create your fishing pole.

You can use this method to learn about how to make fishing rod terraria. Most of the Minecraft games are similar in functions. However, the procedures might vary according to the version of the game.


I think inventing something on your own has a different glory. In your creation, you will find the touch of your personality. That’s why I believe it is essential to learn how to make a fishing rod.

Fishing will seem more fun by using customized rods. You can create thread patterns using your favorite colors. When you use the fishing rod, you will get a different confidence level and joy.

I tried to share some simple processes for building a fishing rod. I hope you will try any of them and use them for fishing in the banks.

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