How to Use a Baitcaster Reel | Step by Step Guide

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When you want to level up your fishing experience, then it is necessary to have a baitcaster. However, only having it is not enough; you have to know how to use a baitcaster reel. It can be unapproachable sometimes, which can lead even the experts in the wrong direction.

As the mechanism of baitcaster is pretty complicated, you may find it out of your comfort zone. So, before using this challenging device, you need to go through the top-notch handbook from the internet. No worries, we are here for you to provide the ultimate solutions for any fishing inconvenience. So, the following guideline will help you to use your baitcasting reel like a pro.

What is Baitcaster Reel?

Baitcaster reels are advanced fishing reel, which comes with a casting rod, revolving spool, and trigger handle. It has proper cast accuracy, unparalleled durability, and strength, so expert anglers always keep it on the list of their fishing equipment. With the help of it, you can easily target the heavier and larger fish and pull it by investing minimal pressure.

Another reason for choosing baitcaster is, it has a backlash factor. It means you can have proper control over the reel speed with your thumb. If you miss controlling the reel speed anytime, this backlash factor will help you to bring you the track again.

What Is the Mechanism of a Baitcaster Reel?

The Drag

It is located near the side of the handle. It is mainly for regulating and setting lines while catching fish. It has a simple mechanism that the harder you try to tighten it, the further away it gets to peel off.

Braking System

It is designed to regulate and control the rotation of the spool during casting. The spool resistance depends on how much brakes you add to the reel. If you add more, it will provide more resistance. It is recommended by the experts that to get the right feel for the reel, you will need to start with the highest brakes.

Spool Knob

It is adjustable and will control the speed of the spool. It mainly allows for finer tuning and provides the appropriate ratio for casting. It is very crucial to adjust the spool knob with the right amount of looser or tighter for getting the perfect casting distance.

How to Use Baitcaster Reel?

  1. Setting Spool Tension:

    Whenever you are changing the lures or baits, you will have to set the spool every time. To set this, firstly hold the tip of the rod to reel the lure. Then to feel pressure, tighten the knob and push the thumb bar. After pushing, the lure will fall, and then keep loosening the knob until your lure begins to drop on its own. Lastly, reel it up.

  2. Reeling the Line:

    You have to reel the line you get the perfect distance from your lure to the rod, which is 5 to 15 inches. For the attached bobber or sinker, you will need only 6 to 12 inches.

  3. Holding Reel:

    There is an expert technique to hold the reel, which is you need to hold the rod behind the reel with the help of your thumb. Make sure that, whenever you are retrieving behind the reel, always switch your hands. Resting the thumb on the spool from a slight corner will provide you with more control over the flow.

  4. Turning Rod:

    You have to do this to point up your reel handles. Try to use your wrist for proper casting. The handles should be pointed down in the case of the left-handers.

  5. Pressing Release Button:

    Most of the baitcasters have one common feature, which is the release button. It prevents the unwanted turns of the reel spool while casting. Moreover, it is very easy to operate. All you need to do is, press it with the thumb while resting it on the spool.

  6. Bending Casting Arm:

    You have to follow a technique to bend your reel. You need to bend your elbow to get the proper angle of the crook of your arm. Additionally, you have to raise the rod until your tip goes vertically, and this will give you the exact position.

  7. Sweeping Rod:

    Until the rod reaches your eye level, you have to keep sweeping it forward. The level is almost 28 to 30 degrees horizontal. Keep lifting your thumb off to the spool until you propel to the target. Make sure that you are not losing the entire pressure.

  8. Pressing Down the Spool:

    When you get the target, then with your thumb, start to press down the reel spool. It will stop the bait and help you to grab your targeted fish. Remember that you need to press it as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will continue to turn even after your bait hits the surface of the water.

Some Additional Tips:

  • Always check the reel before buying it that either it feels good and fits in your hand or not.
  • It is very necessary to choose the appropriate bait for your reel.
  • For getting a safe fishing experience, you should always wear a protective wader. It will protect you from cold water and cuts or bruises as well.
  • It is important to find an isolated and peaceful area for fishing. If you fish around with too many choices, it will break your concentration on the target.
  • It is better to avoid heavy brush areas. Otherwise, your lure or bait may be caught in branches.


To sum up, heavy and large saltwater fish is not easy to catch. To be successful in that, you need to know the casting of baitcaster more effectively and precisely. We have organized our guidelines in such a way that will help you to learn how to use a baitcaster reel properly. As braitcasters come with plenty of features, they are not easy to operate. In this case, our instructions will help you to get your casting job done smoothly.

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