Telescopic Fishing Rod vs. 2 Piece: What’s The Difference?

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When you decide to go to a fishing spot, you need to arrange many things, and choosing the right fishing rod is among them. Undoubtedly, many anglers will choose their traditional 2 piece fishing rods. On the contrary, some will choose telescopic fishing rods.

While the piece fishing rod is built for professional fishing, telescopic fishing rods aren’t far behind with their compactness and ability to shorten and lengthen during travel. Hence, anglers will divide into two schools for telescopic fishing rods vs. 2 piece fishing rods.

There’s no doubt that both fly rods perform exceedingly well in their respective sectors. But which one should you choose and what’re their true differences?

Read the article to know it and decide which fly rod you should choose for what type of fishing.

Telescopic Fishing Rod vs 2 Piece

As an angler, you should equip with various fly fishing rods to deal with different fishing situations successfully. In this regard, both 2 piece and telescopic fishing rods are incredible performance-centric. Here, we will break down the key differences between these fly rods.

Telescopic Fishing Rod vs 2 Piece

What is?

Let’s clarify the definition of the telescopic and 2 pieces fishing rod first. It will help you better know about their design and construction.

As the name suggests, telescopic rods are extendable. These fishing rods are collapsible and so ideal for traveling. You can, in fact, shorten a 12-feet fishing rod to 1 to 2 feet with the collapsible facility. It is ideal for fishing long distances. Also, campers will love the telescopic fishing rods as it easily fits in their compact baggage and backpacks.

On the contrary, 2 piece fishing rods are designed as conventional rods and have two different parts. One part of the 2 piece rod will insert into another, and their attachment method is known as the plug method. The two pieces can be quickly separated if you disassemble the fishing rod. Since you can easily separate the two pieces and fold them, these fishing rods are conveniently carried within your travel bags.

In size

The size of these fly rods will determine your fishing capability and where you may fish largely. So, you should know about their sizes appropriately.

The 2 piece fishing rods are made for fishing for long distances. Henceforth, these fly rods are the longest ones you will get. The size of 2 piece fishing rods may vary from 7 meters to 20 meters or even more. But, most 2 piece fishing rods are sized between 7 meters to 15 meters. Professionals will usually choose 12-14 meters rods for their long-distance fishing.

On the contrary, telescopic fishing rods don’t have any standard or fixed size. Although these collapsible rods are available in 10-feet to 12-feet length, the actual length will depend on your preference. You can choose from long, medium, and short telescopic fishing rods. You can choose the longer telescopic rods for fishing long-distance, but the short rods are useful for catching strong fish.

Rod Material

The material used to construct the fly fishing rods will largely determine their performance and longevity. So, it is a crucial point to consider for you too.

First off, telescopic fishing rods are usually made of fiberglass, graphite, and carbon fiber. While fiberglass fishing rods are heavier and durable, graphite-made telescopic fishing rods are suitable for fishing large fishes, thanks to their reinforced strength. Moreover, some collapsible rods combine graphite and carbon fiber for the best strength and durability.

Similar to the telescopic fishing rods, 2 piece rods are also available in graphite, fiberglass, and carbon fiber construction. You can get them in composite materials also, and these mainly combine fiberglass with carbon fiber or graphite for better durability and performance. Fiberglass 2 piece rods are heavyweight, and so ensure durability. On the contrary, carbon fiber rods will be ideal for extreme use with their design and weight.

Ease of Use

Whatever the fly rod’s design and construction, these are of no use if you find them difficult for fishing. Hence, the easiness of using the telescopic and 2 piece fishing rods is of great importance.

In this regard, 2 piece fishing rods truly excel in their performance and usability. The 2 piece fishing rods are easy to operate, thanks to their user-friendly design. Also, their easiness of operation means even newbies can use them confidently.

The easiness of the collapsible or telescopic fishing rods will mostly depend on the rod type. These rods are easy to fold and unfold. Also, you can disassemble them shortly and easily.


Both telescopic and 2 piece fly fishing rods give a neck-to-neck competition when it comes to longevity. These rods are sturdy and made to last longer than your anticipation. Also, when you fold the telescopic rod, it becomes even sturdier.


Here we have outlined the benefits of both fly rods. It should help you finalize your decision with ease.

Benefits of 2 piece rods:

  • Easily storable when folded
  • Well-balance length and performance
  • High-quality design and construction
  • Better load resistance
  • Excellent weight distribution and tackle load

Benefits of telescopic rods:

  • The fly rods are lightweight
  • No sagging and clinging
  • Slip-resistant grip for easy holding
  • Available in various sizes

Telescopic Fishing Rod Vs. 2 Piece: Which One Is Better?

Undoubtedly, telescopic fishing rods and 2 piece fishing rods are incredibly high-performing and durable. You can get the best and most amazing fishing experience with both fishing rods. If you travel and camp a lot, the foldable and compact design of the telescopic fishing rods will suit you better.

On the contrary, 2 piece fishing rods are for those who want a rod ready for fishing and offer user convenience.

Final Words

We have discussed the difference between telescopic fishing rods vs. 2 piece fishing rods. We have described these fishing rods’ action, strength, durability, and performance. Now, the decision is up to you. We rest assured that these fishing rods are incredibly well-performing and will suit most of your fishing requirements with perfection.

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