How Long Does a Fishing Line Last | Find out the Durability

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Are you a professional or seasonal fisherman who wants the fishing to be perfect? If it’s so, you must concentrate on everything related to it, including the equipment; do you know how long does fishing line last?

If not, read the full article to find it out because no matter how good you are at fishing, you won’t have the desired performance if your line is not okay. However, I also love to go fishing when I’m on vacation, but I often check my equipment if they are working well or not, and change them when necessary.

Let’s find out about different types of fishing lines, their durability, how to check & store them, and when to replace them.

How long does a fishing line last

What Types of Fishing Line You Can Have & How Long Are Their Shelf Lives?

You can have 3-standard fishing lines from the store or online; the categories are:

  • Monofilament lines
  • Fluorocarbon lines
  • Braided fishing lines

Let’s have a brief discussion about their lives and basics; moreover, know their ingredients to have an idea about their durability.

Monofilament Fishing Lines:

You will find a single line or strand made of nylon & synthetic; it has the minimum abrasion resistance, strength, and stretch that makes it durable. The monofilament lines get weak in contact with sunlight; the UV rays can continually damage the fibers.

Would you like to know how long does monofilament fishing line last, and how often you must change it?

  • You should change the monofilament lines within 3-4 months if you are a professional fisherman; 3-4 times a year can be suitable for heavy uses.
  • If you are a moderate user, you can change the monofilament fishing line at least twice a year; 5-6 months is the average durability while it’s used often but not heavy.
  • You should change the fishing line once if you’re a weekend or hobbyist fisherman; it can last a year when you don’t use it much.
  • Let’s talk about the shelf life of an unused monofilament fishing line now; you can store an unused line for 2-3 years, but you have to throw them after the time limit.

Fluorocarbon Lines:

Fluorocarbon lines are thrice or four times more durable than monofilament; they can also stretch, fray, or break due to excessive tension. You can use them for a long time if you store them correctly; however, let’s see how long will fluorocarbon fishing line last.

  • You should replace the fishing line every 4 months if you are a heavy user; you should follow the timing if you want the best performance.
  • Moderate users can make the time 6-9 months; on the other hand, the weekly fishermen can change their lines only once a year.
  • The shelf life of fluorocarbon fishing line is 7-10 years; you can keep it for a long time before it’s sold or used, but have to throw it after that period.

Braided Fishing Lines:

Braided lines come in a stock arrangement; they are the strongest ones still, it may fray anytime if someone creates pressure, and they may lose their color as well.

Let’s find out the durability of a braided fishing line; it depends on the people’s usage.

  • The heavy users can change the liners within 6-7 months; therefore, replacing them twice a year is okay for random uses.
  • If you’re a moderate or weekly user, you should get a new fishing line each year; changing it once is enough.
  • Moreover, you can store an intact fishing line (braided) for 10 years; therefore, you can use one within a decade it’s manufactured.

The listed are bare line’s durability but do you know how long does fishing line last on the spool.

  1. Monofilament fishing lines can remain usable for 6-8 months on a spool; that’s why it’s better to choose at least once a year.
  2. Fluorocarbon lines remain good for 2 years, but I would suggest replacing them at least once a year; please keep checking them.
  3. Finally, the braided fishing lines may last for 2-years, but you can change them annually if you want.

How Can You Check if the Fishing Line Is Working or Not?

Well, have you ever thought of determining or identifying the things, which ensure that the fishing line can work? If not, let me tell you how long does fishing line last and how to check that.

  • You have to attach the line to the reel & lure; moreover, you can use the rod to determine if the line is going to the desired space and performing well.
  • Later, you have to check if the line has some pinches or nicks; you can cut the damaged parts & retie them to use it next time.
  • Lastly, you can check the lines by adding hooks; if it can hold the load, it’s ready for use, but if it tears, you should change it.

Now, you should know how to store it because proper storage can ensure the long durability of a fishing line; first of all, you have to choose a dark spot. It’s because the sunlight can quickly damage your fishing line’s fibers; the place has to be dry too because moisture will make chemical changes there.

The place should not be congested because it may create some parts that reduce the length & damage the fiber; so you can roll the whole line & store it. However, please keep checking besides storing properly because both of them are essential to increase a fishing line’s life.


You may have an idea about how long does fishing line last; moreover, you can know about the storage system and the difference between them. Anyway, it’s better to spend some more bucks to get high-quality fishing equipment to make the package long-lasting.

You can also find out the manufacturers and retailers who can provide you the fishing lines with high resistance and long durability; you may search on fishing sites locally & overseas. Please don’t use a fishing line that’s not usable; it can also be damaged due to some reasons before the expected time.

Always remember that a fishing line doesn’t contain an expiration date; you have to be conscious about it and replace it whenever you feel the necessity.

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