Would You Like to Know All About Surf Fishing at Night?

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You may have thought about exploring the seas & going fishing sometimes with your group, but what about surf fishing at night? It may seem to be exciting & surprising, but doing so has its perks; you can get a different feel if you surf at night.

However, I didn’t agree at first when my friend proposed to go surfing at the shore at midnight; anyway, he took me there almost forcefully. Trust me, it felt amazing surfing around the shoreline at night in the cold breeze; we also had a fishing pole in our hands.

Anyway, you can learn the techniques, advantages, & precautions while night surf fishing; I hope it will be useful.

night surf fishing

How to Surf Fishing at Night & What Things to Consider?

The concept is quite easy to understand because you have to stay on the board & keep moving to surf forward; you can go to the desired area & stop the board for fishing. However, let’s follow the steps of surf fishing at night; the mandatory things are:

  • You can take your surfing board & keep going around the area to choose the best spot for fishing; however, you should choose the surface where you can catch more fishes.
  • Moreover, you can set up multiple fishing rods with reels; it can be useful if one of them breaks or you are fishing in a group.
  • You can paint the Surf Fishing rods with light & bright colors, and attach some attractive night time fishing lures because some are specialized for fishing at late night.
  • However, after setting up all the tools you have to cast them for fishing; you can change your positions through the surfing boards to catch more fishes.

Let’s find out now what things to keep in mind while fishing at night, especially, during saltwater night fishing; the tips are:

  • Please ensure that the time is between 10 pm to 2 am; on the other hand, you can go fishing 2 hours after the heavy tide because it increases the possibility of getting large fishes.
  • Next, you have to stand near the shoreline to ensure you’re getting enough fishes; moreover, it gets safer fishing there.
  • You should wear heavy clothes if you want to go to the sea beach at night during cold seasons; you shouldn’t go lightly because you can catch a cough.
  • Please take enough safety precautions with you so that you can be prepared whenever you face any problem while fishing on the sea.
  • You can ask the local people about the available fishes & the tide, besides other things because the natives know more about a place than outsiders.

However, they are the essential parts to do perfect fishing in a sea area; please don’t miss any of them & have a good fishing adventure.

Why Fishing at Night is Good: Find Some Reasons Behind It

There are pretty valid reasons for you to go surf fishing at night outer bank; let’s know some of them:

  1. First of all, you will have fewer surfers & fishermen at the point if you go at night; fewer fishermen mean less competition, which increases your opportunity.

On the other hand, fishes don’t come forward that much when tourists & surfers keep roaming around because they feel disturbed at that time; therefore, it’s better to go at night.

  • Secondly, you won’t have sunburn while surfing at night; that’s why you can target the nighttime if you are conscious about your skin & don’t have sunscreen with you.
  • You will have more chances to catch big fishes because they come closer to the shoreline to find food, and you won’t need to go into deeper water.
  • You can get more fishes within the catching or casting area; moreover, you can have feeding practice at night; it won’t take a long time.
  • Another advantage you can have is you won’t get exhausted due to overheating in the daytime; moreover, you can enjoy the cold atmosphere & calmness in the environment.
  • Lastly, you are supposed to have less seasickness at night; thus, you can catch fishes without getting ill.

However, I said before that it’s beneficial to go for surf & fishing at night; you can also refer to the fact as secrets of surf fishing at night because one can assume those perks unless they know well about the environment & nature’s habits.

Frequently Asked Questions about Surf Fishing at Night

1. Q. Is Surfing Good at Night or It Is Not Safe?

Ans. Surfing is a good & competitive sport, which is usually held in the daylight; on the contrary, you can shift the mission tonight if you want to catch fishes. It may sound surprising, but personal purposes of surfing & fishing work better; on the other hand, sporting is a good day time.

2. Q. What Would Be the Best Timing for Surfing Fishing?

Ans. You can have the best result in surfing fishing at 2 times; they are 10 am & two hours before dawn because they are the peak feeding times for fish. Moreover, the sea beach or rivers don’t have such pressure as the other hectic times of day; you should go fishing at that time.

3. Q. Do Fish in the Ocean Bite at Night?

Ans. Of course, if you throw lures for fishing at night, they may bite on those because it’s their feeding time, and they get easily attracted to food-like things, resulting in biting.

4. Q. What Will Be the Best Bait for Fishing at Night?

Ans. Poppers, frogs, and popper baits are appropriate for fishing at night; many brands manufacture high-quality items for the purpose.


Surf fishing at night will feel exciting if you can appropriately complete the steps & take care of the necessary things; moreover, you should bring high-quality equipment for the purpose.

However, you can understand the essential steps, advantages, & factors of fishing & surfing at night; please keep enjoying your trip & profession through surfing. No matter where you’re going to surf, you may choose the spot keeping your safety in mind.

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