Shimano Vanford 2500 vs 3000 Size Spinning Reel Review

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My entire family loves fishing, including me. We go fishing at a nearby lake every other weekend. Last year, my spinning reel suddenly got ruined while fishing in the whole mood.

I had been in desperate need of a replacement for quite some time. However, it is challenging to locate a spinning reel that is both affordable and of decent quality these days. Spinning reels that are often inexpensive do not last very long.

One day I met one of my friends, also a fishing lover. He recommended Shimano vanford spinning reels. He has tried spinning reels of so many brands and thus has a good idea.

Surprisingly I have never tried this brand before. So I thought it would not be something that special. But the output I got later just shocked me.

But which Shimano vanford will be the best? This battle is Shimano vanford 2500 vs 3000. I’m providing this information based on my previous experience so that you won’t be disappointed.

Spinning reel review

It is not unknown that we need to pay more to get more. But Shimano vanford proved this saying wrong, I must say. They are providing mid-priced spinning reels that have high-end features.

Before using a spinning reel or trusting me, you need to know in detail. Here is shimano vanford spinning reel review for you.


The outlook of the Shimano vanford models always impressed me. Their color schemes are attractive. The spinning reels have an elegant-looking angled cutaway.

Have you seen the new Shimano zodias rod 2020? The Zodias JDM series has been significantly improved. The total carbon or charcoal body of Shimano zodias new 2020 edition makes it aesthetically beautiful.


My friends know how much I appreciate the overall performance of Shimano vanford spinning reels. When I became a regular user of their reels, I noticed that they improved significantly after Ci4+. Also, all the improvements brought immense change in the performance.

The spinning reels are incredibly lightweight. It will make you super comfortable. You might be thinking that a light body must have lower strength.

No, that would be wrong. Weight reduction of Vanford has no connection with the strength of this. You can use and feel an impressive quality if you do not trust my words.

Advanced technologies

I frequently say that Shimano made a bold step by removing the stradic ci4+. After that, they have upgraded so far in terms of their technologies. They also included high-end features that were not available on the previous Ci4+ reel.

Hagane gear

Why is Hagane gear essential? It enhances the strength and durability of the spinning reel. This system also helps to reduce the noise.

Let me give another interesting of information Hagane gear body. It provides you with a much higher level of sensitivity. The Tiniest strike by a fish can be detected.

Micromodule II

Shimano vanford has also boosted micromodule gearing more than before. The result is the betterment of the reeling. What is the result of this?

By ‘betterment,’ I mean it has made the reeling very smooth. This smoothness will comfort you more as a user.

S A-RB bearings

We know you have this question in mind. If we talk about the procedure, the new S A-RB bearings have gone through the same process as the A-RB bearings. What is the upgrade, then?

The brand new S A-RB bearings contain shields. With shields, these bearings help prevent sand and salt while rotating.

Long-stroke pool

People often compare Shimano vanford new models with previous ones. Here we will find a big difference.

The change is in the casting performance in comparison with the past models. It happened due to the better line flow from the spool.

MGL Rotor

MGL rotor or Magnumlite rotor came up with a new and unique design. This design offers unbelievably light rotation.

The change in the newest design is 25% lighter than the past one. Moreover, the rotor profile was seen as symmetrical previously. It has become asymmetrical in the latest version.

X protect

I remember when I suggested spinning reels to one of my friends, Shimano vanford, he was confused seeing X protect. What exceptional does X protect provide?

X Protect provides water-resistant facilities at a high level. Reel’s internals remain dry because of this and work at optimum.

Shimano vanford 2500

Shimano vanford 2500

I am excited about this. If I had to name the ultimate finesse reel of Shimano vanford, I would tell you about the Shimano vanford 2500. So, let’s give shimano vanford 2500 review.

 It has a Ci4+ body that is lightweight and airy as well. We already have discussed the MGL rotor, but the new information is this makes Shimano vanford 2500 reels revolve 48 percent faster.

I am giving a few pros and cons of the Shimano vanford 2500 below. The handle of Vanford 2500 is made of aluminum and is also comfy to hold. Moreover, the bonus point is driving silently.


The first and foremost thing is this model is very long-lasting. Also, It is made carefully according to the user’s needs.

The best evidence of this claim can be the weight, which is pretty light. It weighed 8.02 oz in many tests.

Before I learned about Shimano, I used many other graphite-construct reels available on the market. Those reels often felt cheap to me. On the other hand, this vanford reel has clean lines, yet it is durable.

I agree that it is probably not the most affordable spinning reel in the market, with a price of $239. But for the fantastic features, it is undoubtedly worth trying out.


Despite the good things, this spinning reel has a few opposing sides. My neighbor once complained about seeing no extra spool in the goods. I was surprised after seeing that fact.

The anti-reverse feature is also missing on the Vanford. Another complaint I have is that the reel’s handle is removable. However, it is not possible to store data in the part-compressed form.

Shimano vanford 3000

Shimano vanford 3000

I am still researching this new Shimano vanford 3000 with many exciting features. Here I will tell about the pros and cons, and so it will be shimano vanford 3000 review. In a word, It can be a replacement for Shimano Stradic ci4+ FB spinning reels.


Shimano vanford 3000 also includes the capability of driving silently like the 2500 model. Another similarity is both are incredibly lightweight.

Are you fond of a one-piece handle? Well, you should be as it is effortless to turn the one-piece handle. This feature appealed to me greatly when I started researching this particular model.

Now let me share another feature which is a G-free body. What does a G-free body do? It lessens fatigue and improves casting comfort.


It is undoubtedly a challenge for me to find out the cons of this model. I must say that the handle is small and Shimano should look into this matter.

If you are looking for a beefier reel, it will not be a great deal for you. The last thing I want to say is – more lines can be added to this model because it is large enough.

2500 vs 3000

I hope you have not forgotten that I already said this battle is Shimano vanford 2500 vs 3000. By and by, I have understood that there is not that much difference between these two models.

Shimano vanford 3000 is more extensive compared to both. I have been using both and concluded that the only difference would be the depth of the spool. So, this model increases line capacity.

Frequently asked questions

Can I get a cross-carbon dry washer in the 3000 model?

 I have used and also recommended shimano vanford 3000 specs. So, I have seen both in mine and the others that the 3000 model includes a cross-carbon dry washer.

Can I fish in saltwater with this reel?

Well, this reel is designed to use fish in saltwater. Also, I can say yes from my personal experience.

Does Shimano vanford spinning reels have anti-reverse?

 No, Shimano vanford has already disabled this feature.

Are Shimano vanford 2500 and 3000 spools interchangeable?

 Yes, the spools are interchangeable.

Where are Shimano reels made?

 Shimano reels are made and also supplied basically in Japan.

Is the round handle available in the 3000 model?

 No, the round handle is not available in the 3000 model.


No matter how many marketing strategies you apply, you can not be stable in the market without good-quality products. Shimano sells high-quality products, which is much more than a marketing gimmick. I have been a loyal customer since I have used Shimano first.

Apart from all the appreciation of Shimano, if we only talk about the battle, which is Shimano vanford 2500 vs 3000, then I must say it depends totally on what features you want. In my observation, I have found Shimano vanford 3000 model is slightly heavier than the 2500 one. Both of the models also do not have the anti-reverse facility anymore.

Shimano is claiming that the reels are now more waterproof than the anti-reverse feature. Even after making so many changes, they are still a legendary brand, which mainly matters.

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