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Are you looking for the best spinning reel for bass? But why? Do you love to eat it or only to catch it?

Whatever your reasons are a spinning reel at your arm’s length is a good decision because whenever you get the time you can go fishing. If casting is your hobby then the pleasure will be doubled.

Casting is fun. When you happen to get your first cast it may become your new passion for your whole life. So, give it a go with the best spinning for bass.

Bass fishing reels are affordable in price and easy to use. Your passion for casting will never leave you because of the experience you will get with a spinning reel while casting.

Top Picks: Spinning Reels For Bass (Best Reviews)

Our Top Pick
Penn 1338218 Battle II Spinning Reel, 3000
Penn 1338218 Battle II Spinning Reel, 3000
  • Durable, high range spinning reel ideal for conquering big saltwater game fish
  • Full metal body, side plate, and rotor and heavy duty aluminum bail wire offer exceptional durabilit
  • Multi stop anti-reverse and ball bearing deliver smooth performance
  • Fluid cranking with 5 sealed stainless steel ball bearings and instant anti-reverse bearing
  • Superline spool requires no backing, is braid ready, and has line capacity rings marked at 1/3, 2/3,
Editor Choice
KastKing Sharky III Spinning Fishing Reel,Size 3000
KastKing Sharky III Spinning Fishing Reel,Size 3000
  • Next-gen – kastking sharky iii spinning reels look great. 
  • Pure power – you will love sharky iii spinning reel’s amazing best-in-class up to 39.5lbs / 18kg
  • K.i.s.s. – sharky iii spinning reels are sealed with a kiss! 
  • Super smooth – you’ll be blown away by the quiet, silky smooth retrieve of the sharky iii.
  • Affordable innovation – sharky iii spinning reel has more features, including 10 + 1 high quality.
Best Seller
KastKing Centron Spinning Reel,Size 5000 Fishing Reel
KastKing Centron Spinning Reel,Size 5000 Fishing Reel
  • Great value – loaded with features yet low on price. kastking summer/centron offers the best value.
  • Lightweight – narrow graphite frame design and computer balancing system.
  • High powered – kastking summer/centron spinning reel’s superior drag system offers incredible stopping power.
  • Smooth performance – summer/centron’s nine quality ball bearings and one instant stop one-way anti-reverse bearing.

Top Spinning Reel For Bass in 2024

spinning reel for bass

1. Cadence CS10 Spinning Reel

There is no one looking for a fishing reel that provides quality features at an affordable price.

This reel frame is made of magnesium frame. Magnesium is light in weight and stays glittering for a long time that’s what makes it a good bass fishing reel.

Bearing is one of the main components of a fishing reel. This reel features 10 ball bearings and 1 anti-reverse bearing. Anti-reverse bearing helps to pull the fish after a catch. The bearings are also corrosion-resistant.

For spinning, there is a carbon rotor that is very light and glides through all the bearings.

For the bass spinning reel, Cadence beats everyone. One of the best features incorporated into this spinning reel is the letting go of the lure. A one-piece braid-ready design is created for this. This gives a smooth experience of throwing the lure. Even it helps not to damage the line as well.

This spinning reel for bass fishing has a ca carbon fiber drag system. Its specialty is to keep the drag steady and ensure smooth lines while outgoing. This makes it one of the best bass fishing reels and also a user-friendly one.

If you are an angler then you might face the problem of line slipping. This spinning reel for bass fishing eliminates this problem by featuring a machined aluminum spool. This spool is light in weight but extremely strong in nature.

There is a groove to give proper lube retention and it accelerates the fishing as well.

The handle of this fishing reel is designed considering the user’s choice. This ergonomic EVA handle knob is incorporated.

The handle is made of carbon fiber and there is a one-piece bail. The bail is in machined aluminum.

  • Magnesium frame. 
  • 11 ball bearing in total.
  • 1 anti-reverse bearing.
  • Carbon made rotor glide.
  • EVA handle knob.
  • Carbon fiber handle.
  • Machined aluminum spool.
  • Left-handed users may face a problem.
  • Not very affordable

2. KastKing Sharky III Fishing Reel

If you are looking for a casting reel that can be used both in freshwater and saltwater then asking is the perfect pick.

This bass fishing reel has a graphite-constructed body and rotor. This is very tough and supports the whole reel.

There is an aluminum spool in this casting reel. Thus braid winding is easy.

This reel is made to support you in heavy-duty casting. KastKing Sharky 3 can withstand almost 18 kg smoothly. Thus, you can cast a big fish without damaging your reel.

There is a unique feature in this casting reel. KastKing calls it KISS ( KastKing Intrusion Shield System). It provides water-resistant immunity to the body, spool, and rotor.

10 ball bearing and 1 anti-reverse bearing is incorporated into this fishing reel. It will accelerate casting smoothly.

The handle of the reel is made of aluminum so that it can withstand for a long time.

The line capacity of this spinning reel will help you to stabilize the line.

  • Graphite body.
  • Aluminum spool.
  • Line capacity.
  • Heavyweight casing possibility.
  • 10 ball beating and 1 anti-reverse bearing.
  • Brass pinion gear.
  • Stainless steel hardware.
  • A bit heavier than others.

3. Penn Battle II Spinning Fishing Reel

If you are looking for a magnificent outlooking bass fishing reel with attractive features, you will like the Pen Battle II.

The specialty of this fishing reel is the full metal body. The metal body provides an elegant and eye-catching outlook.

If you are thinking that the metal body will increase in weight then don’t need to worry. It is only 8.2 ounces. This you can have the experience of fishing without any trouble of fatigue due to weight.

The side plate and rotor offer exceptional durability in this spinning reel.

The bail wire of this spinning reel is made of aluminum bail. Aluminum bail is well known for exceptional durability and excellence.

The side plate, rotor, and bail wire are the best bass fishing spinning combo.

A spinning reel without a bearing is impossible. So, to keep the reel functional 5 sealed ball bearing is attached to this. Anti-reverse bearing is also incorporated into this fishing reel.

In spinning, the reel drag system plays a vital role in catching fish. The manufacturer featured this spinning reel with an HT 100 carbon fiber drag system.

This bass fishing spinning reel is designed with special care so that you can have a super smooth experience while pulling.

Generally, a spool is used to store the line. Though other spinning reel spool needs backing, Penn Battle needs none.

  • HT 100 carbon fiber drag system.
  • 5 sealed ball bearing.
  • Metal body.
  • High-quality body to support the structure.
  • Aluminum bail wire.
  • Braid ready design.
  • Super smooth drag experience can be achieved.
  • Tieing knot is problematic.

4. Pflueger President Spinning Fishing Reel

Who doesn’t want a spinning reel with a magnificent performance and extensive value?

To meet this conformity Pflueger’s president spinning reel has built a spinning reel with smooth and reliable features.

This piece of the class is covered with a graphite body. Graphite is light in weight and robust in nature. Thus it will protect the inner components of the best spinning reel for bass.

One of the main components of a spinning reel is the bearing. In this spinning real there is a 10-ball bearings system. The bearings are corrosion-resistant which is fine for any type of bass fishing.

There is a braid-ready spool incorporated into this spinning reel. This feature helps the braid to tie easily in the spool. This makes Pfluger a nice bass-spinning reel.

The drag system of this spinning reel is also very impressive. Pflueger calls it a sealed drag system. There are lubricated sealed drag washers in this spinning reel that help the drag system to become smooth and steady. The main function of the drag system is to maintain the action while casting.

Oscillation gear is a unique feature. Very few manufacturing companies are using these features in a spinning reel. This feature has two benefits. One of them is the improvement of line lay and another one is the minimization of the twist line. By featuring this Pfluger solves the angler’s highest-facing problems.

All of these features you are getting in a lightweight product that weighs only 7.2 ounces in total.

  • Graphite body.
  • Rotor spinning.
  • 10 ball bearing
  • Braid ready spool.
  • Sealed drag system.
  • Oscillation gear.
  • Corrosion-resistant.
  • Need practice and wit to use it properly.

5. One Bass Fishing reels Light Weight Saltwater Spinning Reel

Most of us have some attraction to certain materials. When it is the attraction to carbon fiber then one bass is the perfect pick for you.

Generally, carbon fiber is durable and lightweight at the same time. This helps the material to be lightweight and user-friendly for the anglers. These bass fishing reels are also lightweight and it has been possible because of the carbon fiber rotor design.

A side plate of this spinning reel is also made of carbon fiber. So you can get good quality products at your arm’s length.

To make the reel light in weight the frame of this bass spinning reel is made of a Magnesium frame. Again, magnesium is very strong in nature.

The drag system is also made of carbon fiber and it is highly is. Because it can drag up to 39.5 lbs. This special feature has come into effect with the help of triple carbon fiber drag. This helps it to become a high-performance reel as well.

A spinning reel is incomplete without a ball-bearing feature. There is no exception for One Bass. There are 12 ball bearings and 1 anti-reverse bearing. This feature helps the anglers to get a smooth experience while casting. If you are worried about the bearing quality, we can assure you of the quality. Because these bearings are durable and corrosion-free at the same time. So, you can put your trust in the bearing.

The spool of this spinning reel is made of machined aluminum. A machined spool helps the anglers to wind the braid easily.

Again, there is a machined one-piece bail which is made of aluminum. This makes the reel extremely robust.

To make the reel light, the handle is also made of aluminum and there is an ergonomic EVA handle. This oversized handle will give you a super safe and comfortable feel.

  • The magnesium made the body.
  • Superior drag system.
  • 12 ball bearing and 1 anti-reverse bearing.
  • Braid ready spool.
  • Line twist.
  • One-piece bail.
  • Zinc alloy drive gear.
  • Without any line inclusion.

6. KastKing Centron Spinning Reel

If you are looking for a spinning reel that can be a combo of bass fish fishing as well as other fish then KastKing is the perfect reel for you.

This is one of the best spinning reels for bass because this is made with an IM6 graphite body. The graphite body is incorporated here in this reel so that anglers can get relative value and performance.

The spool of this spinning reel is made of aluminum and it has been featured with a CNC machine. That’s why it becomes easy to wind up the braid.

You cannot raise a question about its performance because it is very smooth and user-friendly at the same time.

The gear ratio of this spinning reel is 5.2:1 or 4.5:1. It gives you the up-to-the-mark performance to pull your prey to you.

The drag system is also very incredible. A powerful triple disc felt drag system is complemented in this spinning reel. So you can have an excellent experience with this spinning reel.

The reel action of this spinning reel is extremely smooth. You can understand it when you give it a try.

The ball-bearing number is not as much as the previous ones but you don’t have to compromise the because of the numbers. There are 9 ball bearings and 1 anti-reverse bearing. Maxi-Dur ball bearings will provide you with mark performance and satisfaction at the same time.

Line roller is an important feature because it gives you without tangling performance. So, you can save some time.

  • Graphite frame.
  • Maxi-Dur ball bearing.
  • 9 ball bearings and 1 anti-reverse bearing.
  • Smooth reel action.
  • Line roller to prevent tangling
  • Triple disc felt the drag system.
  • CNC machined aluminum spool.
  • User-friendly gear ratio.
  • Braids can be a bit hectic.

7. KastKing Valiant Eagle Spinning Reel

KastKingKastKing is a renowned name in the fishing tool manufacturing arena. From their series of experiences, they produce many fantastic products and a lasting valiant series is one of them.

The body of this casting reel is raptor-inspired and it is built with graphite as well as a rotor. Thus it is light in weight and strong. The frame of this bass fishing reel holds all the components valiantly as well.

The valiant eagle is the symbol of power and strength. Maybe manufacturers named it after considering its characteristics.

This is the best spinning reel because its gear ratio beats everyone. The gear ratio of this bad boy is 6.2:1 which is untouched by anyone.

The power of this casting reel will impress you as well. There is a 22 lb multi-disc carbon fiber drag. It helps to stop the drag system at a convenient time.

Ball bearings are also great in number and efficient in their work as well. There are 10 ball bearings incorporated in this casting reel and 1 anti-reverse bearing. The bearing system helps to pull in and the anti-reverse bearing facilitates the prevention of pulling back.

The breakthrough technology is a unique feature incorporated into this bass fishing reel. The E.P.S. (Expanded Pinion System) and S.S.R. (Sliding Stabilizer Rod) is the most unique feature which is innovated by the manufacturer and is used solely by them.

There are two gears to control the movement as well. Pinion gear helps to stable and main gear works in the improvement of gear strength and durability.

It is specifically designed to increase the casting length and it is redefined to increase line control.

The braid-ready design avoids slippage without any linebacking which saves a lot of time for the anglers.

EVA knob and aluminum handle ensure durability and strength at the same time.

  • High-quality materials.
  • Proficient components.
  • Lightweight.
  • Aluminum handle.
  • EVA knob.
  • One-piece bail not available.

Features to consider when choosing a Spinning Reel For Bass

What is the best reel for bass fishing? Or what could be the best spinning rod and reel for bass? We have sorted out the features to get the best bass fishing spinning combo.

Line capacity

Bass fishing needs to cover a lot of space. So the line capacity of the spinning reel should be higher. At least 3 or 4 braids should stand in line. So consider before buying this reel.

Gear ratio

The power of the fishing reel can be judged through a gear ratio. A higher ratio provides better power. Thus high gear ratio reel will be a better choice before buying one. However, you have to take a close look at the gear ratio to the reel capacity. If the reel doesn’t withstand the weight that gear can pull, then you might hamper your fishing reel. So compatibility is also important.

Drag system

The drag system is extremely important. It helps to make the rod steady while casting. So, a proper drag system in the reel is one of the most important criteria to consider before buying a reel.


Bearing is an essential component of the reel to pull the cast. Manufacturers offer to bear in a great number but you have chosen something which comes with an anti-reverse bearing as well. Bearings do their work very fine to pull your prey towards you but anti-reverse bearing will hold the line to go far away when your cast tries to run for its life. So, take it under consideration before buying it.

EVA Handle Knob

This holds the reel to the fishing rod. Satra strong material is recommended for that component. Generally, aluminum and stainless steel knobs will provide you with the best Performance in this place. So, don’t overlook the handle knob component.

Final Thought

One best spinning reel for bass at your disposal is not a bad decision at all. Casting will give you pleasure and alleviate your monotony at the same time.

If you are a bass-loving guy, at family lunch, or at a party a bass is a great option. Again, if the bass is your cast, it will add extra hype to your family gathering. Happy fishing.