How to Spool a Spinning Reel | Tips from Experts

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From seasoned anglers to beginners, there are several fishing tricks that one has to learn to become the pro that one wants to be. These tricks are often rampant and could take years to learn.

Even so, while most people prefer to take one step at a time, the success depends solely on you. That’s why you can learn as many fishing tricks as you can.

To give you a better go, we are going to show you one of the most sought-after tricks; how to spool a spinning reel.

Take a look at what we have here for you. You should be able to get the best tricks that you can rely on during a real-time fishing experience.

First Tips:

Your fishing line is the most important part of your fishing experience. It is the only thing that connects you to your rod and to the fish.

As such, you must ensure that the very first thing that you keep an eye out for is how your bail turns. Again you must take note of how the fishing line comes off your spool. Make sure that they are all turning in the exact same direction if you want to spool the spinning reel properly.

The other thing that you should also take note of before you spool a spinning reel properly is to ensure that the bail is actually flipped open. This should be done before you even tie the first knot to your empty spool.

In case you forget about this, there won’t be any escape but rather to start all over again. If you have done this properly, then it is time to spool your spinning reel! To spool that spinning reel, here is what you do.

Spooling the Spinning Reel:

Step I

First, start by threading your fishing line through the leading bottom guide. Do this with an open bail. To treat properly, you should start from the very top and then thread through the main hole towards your reel.

Step II

Now tie your fishing knot properly so that it secures your line to your spool. For starters, I suggest tying an overhand knot. This is a basic knot that will work just fine. However, seasoned anglers can always go with the uni-knot (there is no harm in trying, though).

Step III:

With your line now secured to the spool, you can then close your bail and then begin to add the fishing line to the spool. Make sure that the fishing line enters the spool in the right way. To do this, you can ask a pro angler for a little help.

Remember that most fishing lines will come in the shape of a wheel that has a hole in its middle. Your pal can, therefore, add a slight tension along the fishing line and then hold a pen through this hole.

This makes it easy for you to crank the line faster and much more precisely.

Additional Tips on How to Spool a Spinning Reel

Beginners should understand that making a fishing knot can be very complicated. As such, when learning how to spool a spinning reel, there is no harm in just keeping things simple!

More importantly, you should ensure that you spool most of the fishing line on. However, you should also leave enough space that allows you to see some bit of your spool.

This is because overloading the spool will leave you with stubborn knots and twists that might be hard to get rid of. At other times, you might also have a backlash among the other casting bottlenecks.

Overall, make sure that you remain patient when spooling a spinning reel. Doing it with so much haste might cause some mishaps that will hinder any smooth operation of your spinning reel when fishing.


Now that you have understood how to spool a spinning reel, the next thing that you need is to learn how to fish. Often, the best time to fish is early morning or late in the evening. Make sure that you also catch up with the local fishing reports from the recommended agencies.

If you do this, you will boost your chances of having the best catch. While at it, you can take time to learn other fishing tips that will come in handy. Remember, to carry the right gear when going fishing and never go fishing alone.

A small group is good at maximizing the experience without ever becoming quite irritating for you. If you aren’t the groupie type, you can simply carry a pal and your dog. This should also give a great experience.

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