What is a Tandem Kayak | Smart Tips that You Must Know

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Kayaking is one of the best experiences that you can have in the water. Whether you are out fishing, relaxing, or competing, there are kayaks that are designed for all these purposes. But is a tandem kayak one of them?

Well, that depends solely on the design of the tandem kayak. As opposed to the use, tandem kayaks derive their name from the design. So what is a tandem kayak? Let me give you some of the most vital things that you should know about tandem kayaks.

What is a Tandem Kayak?

A tandem kayak is another name for a double kayak. This means that the kayak is designed specifically for two people or riders. It is a great model that allows you and your kayaking partner to get out together and in the same vessel.

Here are some of the need-to-know facts about tandem kayaks. Take your time to read through so that you can easily understand every one of them.

The Benefits of Using a Tandem Kayak

As opposed to many other kayaks, there are various benefits to using a tandem kayak. I will try to highlight each and every one of them so that you find out the exact reason why using a tandem kayak will be good for you.


First of all, the tandem kayaks are wide. As such, they are ideal for two riders. They will provide enough space that fit both riders comfortably. So if you need some room for an easy kayaking experience, a tandem kayak will guarantee the best experience.


Apart from being wide, the kayak is also stable. I tend to believe that its wide base is the source of great stability on the water. This makes a tandem kayak a great option if you are looking at introducing any new peddlers to kayaking.


Because tandem kayaks can be paddled by both riders, they can be very quick. The paddling is done in unison and therefore gives so much power to a single kayak. You can also take rests at intervals if you aren’t in a hurry.  This is one of the major advantages that tandem kayaks also have.


If you have to kayak in a group, getting a single tandem kayak will be best compared to getting two single kayaks. This is because the tandem kayak will take less space when stored as opposed to two kayaks.


Since you can paddle in twos, you will have enough time to bond up together. This makes tandem kayaks a great option if you are looking for some new pals, family bonding, or a weekend on the river.

Disadvantages of a Tandem Kayak

Now that we have seen the benefits of a tandem kayak, what are some of the disadvantages of this type of kayak? Well, there are quite a number of disadvantages to using a tandem kayak. They include the following.

  • They cost more than single kayaks
  • They are heavier than single kayaks
  • More than a single rider means the kayak is harder to control

Tandem Kayaks: Additional Information

Apart from what we have seen, here is some additional information about tandem kayaks that you should also know if you must have a great experience with them.

How to Turn a Tandem Kayak

If your tandem kayak comes with a rudder, you will easily kayak in a straight line. You will also find it easy to change a simple course with your kayak. However, if you have to make a wider turn, then you will learn more about teamwork rather than going with the rudder.

The front paddler will take a forward sweep towards one side, while the paddler at the back takes a reverse sweep to the opposite side of the tandem kayak. This will turn the kayak faster while it is stationary. However, it must be done in unison to achieve this type of result.

Frequently Asked Questions on Tandem Kayaks

In this section, I take a look at some of the most common questions that both new and seasoned anglers ask about tandem kayaks. Here is what I managed to wrap up for all my esteemed readers.

Q. What is the size of a tandem kayak?

Ans. While most kayaks come with a standard design, a tandem kayak also has its standard design. A good tandem kayak will range between 18 to 24 feet. As such, it provides enough space to hold more than just a single rider.

Q. Are tandem kayaks safe?

Yes. However, depending on the conditions that you are riding your tandem kayak in, the kayak might not be safe. This is the main reason why most people who ride their tandem kayaks with kids are advised to be very vigilant. Remember that great kayaking rests on how careful you really are.

Q. How do you sit in a tandem kayak?

Ans. The adult or the stronger rider should always sit at the back of the kayak. This means that you can control the pace of the ride and the speed of the kayak. It is also an easy way to keep one eye out for the weaker rider. This is helpful for most people who take tandem kayaks when they need to spend some time with their kids.


So what is a tandem kayak? You have the answer to that. Apart from just knowing what a tandem kayak is, it is important that you also take your time to learn how the kayak works, how you can make a turn using the kayak, and the best way to gain speed.

Tandem kayaks work quite differently from the one-person kayaks. That’s why it is important that you learn how the kayak works so that you can have a smooth experience. I have included the FAQs section so that you can also get a better experience with the kayak.

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