How to Replace Fishing Rod Guide Insert? ( Easy and Simple Steps)

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There is nothing worse than when your fishing rod guide insert breaks all of a sudden in the middle of a fishing trip. I remember the pain I felt when instead of carrying snappers that I wanted to grill to perfection, I came home empty-handed.

Every fisherman knows how it feels when their fishing rod breaks. Do you want to know how to replace fishing rod guide insert? If you do, then continue reading to learn more.

Things you will need to replace fishing rod guide insert:

Most people think that replacing the fishing rod guide insert is very difficult.

However, if you know what to do, it is very easy. You can replace the fishing rod guide insert using inexpensive everyday items available in almost every fishing gear shop around you.

Here is a list of the things you will need:

  • A brand new fishing rod guide insert that will fit on your fishing rod
  • A blunt knife or cutter. Razor blades will also work.
  • Superglue to fasten the fishing rod guide and insert it into your fishing rod
  • A good quality string that will not break easily
how to replace fishing rod guide insert

Remove the old guide insert:

You can start by removing the broken guide insert from your fishing rod.

You can do this by using a knife or a cutter to scrape the insert off the rod. A blunt blade will be the better option, easily damaging the rod.

It would help if you were careful when removing the guide insert so that your hands or the rod are not damaged.

Heat the guide:

Once the guide is removed from the rod, bring in your new guide to replace the damaged one.

Using a lighter, heat the guide for around five seconds. Heating the focus will expand the metal so that you can fit the guide easily onto the fishing rod without much force.

Use the blue flame of the lighter so that the metal does not get black. Please make sure you are careful when you heat the guide.

Remove any extra adhesive:

Before adding the superglue, use a scrap of sandpaper and rub it around the fishing rod to remove any extra adhesive stuck to the rod. You will want to scratch the sandpaper to put it on the new guide.

Add superglue to the guide:

When you heat the guide, you have to add super glue to the guide.

Fishing guide inserts have two parts: the stick and the round ring. You will have to add the superglue to the stick.

Once the superglue is added, gently put the guide onto the fishing rod where you want it to be. Please wait for the guide insert to cool before you put it on. After putting on the guide insert onto the rod, heat it around the ring again for around 5 seconds.

You can use epoxy to fix your guide insert temporarily. As epoxy is quite strong, you can use it for a quick fix. However, you will have to replace the fishing rod guide insert if you want to continue using it.

Use strings to fasten the guide:

Once the guide is doused in superglue, take some string and tie it around the stick part of the guide. Using the string will secure the guide more strongly to the fishing rod.

Please do not use too much string to block the entire guide insert. Just make sure that the string binds the guide insert to the rod.

Try to use a good-quality string so that it does not test quickly. The string should not be too thin or too thick as well.

Cover the string with glue:

When you are done wrapping the string around the rod, give it a final check to see if the guide is in the correct position or not. Take the fishing rod and see if the trajectory is correct or not.

Once you are happy with how the guide insert is positioned, take some more superglue and lather it over the string.

Adding this last bit of super glue to the fishing rod will ensure that the entire guide insert is stuck firmly to the fishing rod.

Frequently asked questions:

You might have many questions about how to replace fishing rod guide insert. I have answered some of the questions that might come to your mind.

1.  Can I replace my rod insert?

Yes, you can replace your rod insert quite easily if you follow the instructions given in this guide. Or, if you are not sure what to do, you can always take your fishing rod to the professionals.

2.  How do I fix my fishing rod?

Most of the time, you can fix your fishing rod depending on the damage. If your fishing rod is broken, you fix it by using epoxy and fiberglass to hide the break.

3. What type of glue can I use to fix my fishing rod?      

There are many kinds of glue available that you can use to fix your fishing rod. Professionals usually prefer heat glue. However, you can use epoxy or regular superglue as well.

4. Is it worth fixing a damaged fishing rod?

Fishing rods are something that can be fixed quite easily. Starting from fixing the guide inserts, broken tips, or damaged rod handles, you can set it all up if you have the right things. Most of the time, you can fix a damaged fishing rod and still use it for a long time.

5. Which fishing rods are better?

Fiberglass fishing rods are better than graphite ones because they do not break or snap open that easily.

6. Where can I buy a fishing rod guide insert from?

You can buy guide inserts from almost any shop or order online as well.

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There have been many times when I did not touch my fishing rod for months because the guide insert was broken, and I didn’t know what to do.

I hope this article will guide you every time you wonder how to replace fishing rod guide insert so that you never have to return home with an empty bucket.

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