Tips on How to Remove a Swallowed Hook

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When you use plastic baits, the chances are high that the fish will swallow it, and it will be stuck in its throat. And it is a common incident even for expert anglers. When it happens, most anglers will try to bring the hook out of the fish’s throat forcefully and aggressively. It hurts the fish badly and may even leave the hook damaged and unusable.

But you can actually remove the hook from the fish gill or throat without applying pressure if you know how to remove a swallowed hook. It also increases the chance of the fish’s survival.

Tips on How to Remove a Swallowed Hook

You can remove the hook without hurting the fish and cutting the fishing line. You just have to work with patience.  Fortunately, the process is easy and doesn’t need many tools except a set of pliers to take the fishing hook out of the throat.

Step 1: Observe the hook :

Firstly, check the hook closely to find how deep it has gone into the fish’s mouth. Can you remove it with your hands? Or do you need a plier set for it?

The observation of the hook location is of extreme importance for its safe removal. If the hook has been inserted too deep inside the fish’s throat or gill, you have to be careful not to hurt the fish and bleed it to death. If the hook has gone too deep, you will need swallowed hook removal tools such as needle-nose pliers set to remove it successfully.

Step 2: Wiggling the unswallowed hook :

Although we focus on removing the swallowed hook in this article, there’s no harm in seeing what you need to do with an unswallowed hook. If the fish hasn’t swallowed the hook and the barb, you should wiggle it mildly without applying too much pressure.

The aim is to get rid of the barb from the fish. Make sure the barb doesn’t get stuck inside the gill or throat. Hence, we recommend you use a pliers set to remove the barb from the hook gently. Use mild pressure to snap or crush down the barb right toward the fishing hook.

If this isn’t possible and the fish has actually swallowed the hook, you will need to proceed to the next steps.

How to Remove a Swallowed Hook
How to Remove a Swallowed Hook

Step 3: Learn the use of the pliers set :

If you fail to remove the barb from the fishing hook from the inside of the fish mouth, you will need the pliers set. Open the fish’s mouth and see where the hook has stuck inside; is it on the throat or in the fish’s gill?

Once you know where the hook has stuck, you have to use the pliers set. You will see that there is a diaphragm inside the fish’s throat. When a fish eats and swallows something, the diaphragm opens and closes immediately.

Hence, you have to carefully open the fish mount and insert the pliers’ sharp head inside it. Make sure you reach the fishing hook without hurting the fish itself. When you insert the pliers set, allow it to slack with the fishing line.

It is essential since the hook should be moving freely for quick and easy removal.

Step 4: Pulling the hook outwards :

Fix the pliers with the sharp end of the stuck fishing hook snuggly. Once you are sure that the hook and the pliers are attached properly, pull the pliers outward with mild force.

You need to be tricky and patient while removing the swallowed fishing hook with the pliers set. If you apply too much pressure or hurry in the process, you may end up hurting the fish. Pull the hook carefully and then prepare to cut the fishing line.

Step 5: Cutting the fishing line and remove the hook completely :

Next, you should cut down the fishing line. You can easily complete the cutting process using the pliers set. Make sure you don’t hurt the fish, particularly its throat and mouth, during the process. Once you have cut the fishing line, try to pull out the stuck hook completely.

Since the hook should already be removed from the fish throat, you can complete the rest of the procedure with your hands. We recommend you wear gloves when you enter the hands inside the fish’s mouth since their bites can sometimes be painful and cause bleeding.

You can then set the fish free or keep it as your prize. Also, note that the process remains the same when it comes to how to remove hook from trout.

Conclusion :

A fish-swallowing hook, especially with plastic baits, is a common phenomenon. You don’t need to get panicked if you experience such incidents. This detailed guideline on how to remove a swallowed hook from fish should aid you with the cause.

The process is easy, and you will only need a plier set for it. Also, it increases the survival chance of the fish.

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