Different Techniques on How to Hook a Minnow (3 Easy Tips)

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Nature is pretty cruel. Here big fishes such as bass, pikes, walleyes, and catfishes will hunt and live on the small fishes. As a fisherman, you can take advantage of such natural rules by using natural and live bait for fishing.

And when it comes to using live baits, nothing comes close to minnows. It attracts catfishes, pikes, and bass like nothing else. But the difficulty comes from somewhere else regarding how to hook a minnow. Technically, you have to opt for different techniques to hook live or dead minnows with the fishing line.

Today, we will present you with the best and easiest tips to hook the minnow to get your prized catch. So, let’s start the journey.

How to Hook a Minnow

The good thing about fishing with live minnows is its easiness. You can master the skill within a couple of days. Also, minnows will swim around the fishing line and provoke the fish to bite the lure. You can use three techniques for fishing with minnows for bass and other big fishes.

Tip 1: Trick hook

The trick is the toughest of all minnow’s hooking techniques, and the lure may not live for long. Yet, it helps you place the hook properly and get some better fishing results. Furthermore, it makes sure that the minnow doesn’t fall off in moving water while casting the line several times.

The hooking technique includes-

  1. You will need to thread the fishing hook right across the mouth of the live minnow. It may result in shortening the minnow’s life. But don’t worry. In moving water, a dead minnow is as effective as a live one.
  2. Once you have threaded the fishing hook through the mouth, you need to thread it next to the minnow’s stomach.
  3. Then tie another end of the hook with the fishing line. Make sure the hook is attached correctly to the fishing line.
  4. Next, continue bending the fishing hook until it reaches the minnow’s belly section. Once it pierces the belly of the minnow, your trick hook is ready.

This hooking method is best for strong currents and fast-moving water. As the minnow is hooked in multiple points, it won’t tear apart from the hook easily in rough conditions.

Tip 2: Hooking Through the Lip

The trick hook is definitely secure and holds the minnow even in the strongest current from tearing apart from the line. But it also means instant death for the minnow. If you want to play with the live minnows and are ready to take the risk of losing them in a strong current, we have a good solution.

You can hook the minnow through its lip easily and straightly get into the water. The minnow will live for a long period and swim in the moving water too.

As the minnow is hooked lightly, it can move freely in the water. Thus, it increases the chance of alluring the fish more. Also, this technique is the easiest to master for newbies. The steps include-

  1. First off, hook the minnow through its upper lips. Make sure the hooking is secure.
  2. Then, push the hook through the lower lip of the minnow.
  3. Connect the hook with the fishing line as it bisects both lips of the minnow.

The downside of hooking the minnow through its lips is that it stops the minnow from drawing water through its gills. Thus, it may choke down and die soon. Still, this method keeps the minnow alive more than the trick-hooking method.

How to Hook a Minnow

Tip 3: Hooking Through the Dorsal

As the title suggests, you will literally hook the minnow around its dorsal fin area. Actually, you will pierce the back of the minnow. The piercing point will be slightly over the dorsal fin. As it doesn’t harm the essential organs of the minnow, it gives the fish the maximum chance to survive underwater.

Moreover, the hook goes through only slightly over the dorsal fin, so, the energy of the fish remains intact. Also, hooking around the dorsal fin permits the fish to swim freely with full motion. Thus, the big fish will not doubt it. It truly enhances your chance of getting the big catches.

While you pierce the back of the minnow, make sure you don’t hook through its spine. Otherwise, the minnow will experience a spot dead.

Fishing with Minnows and A Bobber

When you want to go deep into the water like at the bottom, fishing with a bobber is the best solution. But can you use minnows with the bobber?

The good news is-

Yes, you can use the bobber with the minnows. In fact, during the summer, expert fishermen suggest using the minnows under the bobber to yield maximum results. The bobber, with its added weight, will help the fishing line and the hooked minnows reach deep into the water. As it floats right on the water, you can quickly catch the fish swimming in shallow water.

Also, this is the same technique for how to hook a minnow for catfish as it works for catfishes, bass, and many other species as well. The key is to allow the bait to swim along with the bobber and reach the suspended area.

It will help you get big catches as the bobber covers the rig.

How to hook a dead Minnow

Fishing with dead minnows isn’t a recommended idea. Yet, at times you can still work with them, especially if the current is blowing strongly. You can use the trick hooking technique for the dead minnows.

It hooks the minnows in its mouth and stomach and prevents them from going away with the strong current. You may add the bobber for extra protection.


Minnows have been treated as one of the favorite bait for fishing large species. And we see no reason for its popularity to decline. Hence, the techniques mentioned above on how to hook a minnow will help you greatly.

Hooking the minnow isn’t tough. The actual difficulty lies in keeping the minnow alive. But you should learn the skill with a few trial and error sessions. And guess what?

When you are able to keep the minnow alive and hook it for fishing, there’s no stopping you.

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