The Pflueger Supreme XT Review | Is It Worth Buying?

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The Pflueger Supreme XT is famous globally for its lightweight, ultimate endurance, and high-class performance. It is also a much sought-after fishing spinning reel for both the inshore and freshwater angling. The reel comes in a mid-size and has been raving the market.

In today’s Pflueger Supreme XT review, I am going to dissect the features of this bright fishing reel and comment on whether it is worth the investment or not. I will also fetch out its specifications along with the pros and cons so that you will get a biased-free decision.

So, anglers, are you ready to see the review on the market-leading spinning reel review?

Pflueger Supreme XT Review

The Pflueger Supreme XT is a suitable spinning reel if you really want a feature-packed reel for fishing for at least a few years. From the magnesium build a lightweight body to a secret drag system, this excellent spinning reel feels premium at the angler’s hand.

Key Specification

  • Measurements: 5 x 5 x 4 inches
  • Weight: 8.70 ounces
  • Material: Magnesium
  • Reel size: 30
  • Bearing No: 10

Pflueger Supreme XT Reel All Models Overview at A Glance

ModelMono Cap YD/LBMax Drag LBGear RatioWeight
Supxtsp25x220/2 110/4 90/68LB5.2:16.00
Supxtsp30x255/4 145/6 130/810LB6.2:16.80
Supxtsp35x230/6 185/8 155/1012LB6.2:18.00
Supxtsp40x285/8 230/10 195/1214LB6.2:18.70

The Features and Benefits

Magnesium Frame and Rotor

The fantastic spinning reel is made of magnesium with awesome side plates and a rotor. The magnesium frame feels like a featherweight compared to the aluminum or steel body of the other reels. Moreover, the magnesium frame is durable, and you can expect several years of service from the Pflueger Supreme XT.

Aluminum Spool

The spool of the reel is made with dual anodized aluminum. It is, thus, rust and corrosion-resistant even in the saltwater. Additionally, the sidewalls are machine ported which reduces the weight without compromising strength and durability.

The spool is also braided for ready-to-use without any money making it the best spinning reel for fishing in long distances.

Sealed Carbon Unique Drag

The best part of Pflueger Supreme XT is its fantastic drag system that sits right at the top of the anodized spool. The drag system is made of carbon fiber, and it has been sealed so that saltwater and grime will fail to take their toll on the drag.

Also, the drag system of the reel is heat-resistant. So, when you fight with the big pikes or salmons, the drag won’t heat.

Carbon Fiber Made Handle

Supreme XT comes in a beautiful carbon fiber design. And whenever you see the spinning reel, this eye-pleasing design attracts the heart, especially when the black and orange color combo couples together.

Apart from the outlook, the first thing anglers notice about the carbon fiber-made handle is it’s lightweight. In fact, it’s 21% lighter than which standard steel or aluminum fishing handle. So, you will experience more control over the reel while you line up.

EVA Knob Handle

Its EVA knob handle comes in handy for easy line release and retrieval when you are out in the water. Also, the EVA knob has dimples on both sides. It makes the handle gripping even more comfortable than the older models.

10 Ball-bearing System

The Pflueger Supreme XT comes with ten built-in ball bearings. These are made of stainless steel so that the ball bearing can bear extreme pressure. Also, it gives an ergonomic feel.

The bail designs

The bail design of Supreme XT has a sure-click technic and is made with aluminum. Additionally, the line roller is made of titanium that withstands every harshness of the conditions. So, it won’t fail to perform even when tides are on the odd side.

  • The spinning reel is lightweight.
  • The drag system is smooth and durable.
  • The aluminum spool is braided ready.
  • Prevents back rolling.
  • The cleaning is complex
  • Sometimes the spool holes catch dirt.

The Spinning Reel Buying Guide

Many modern-day anglers prefer fishing with a spinning reel instead of the baitcasting reels for several reasons. However, these frequently lead us to a common, ardent question, how do you select the proper spinning reel for you?

First off, check the material of the reel. In most cases, these frames are made of aluminum, graphite, mesh, or both. Some high-end spinning reels, such as the Pflueger Supreme XT is made of magnesium. Accordingly, you need to consider the reel weight.

You should choose a lightweight model since it is easy to handle. Next, you need to test the endurance of the reel since you will take it on both fresh and saltwater. After you are satisfied with the reel endurance, look for the size of the item.

The spinning reel size is directly linked with the fishing line you prefer to use. For length fishing lines, the volume should be large, whereas, for lesser lines, you will need small reels. We recommend the medium reel for 6,8 or 10 fishing lines.

Also, thoroughly understand the reel and gear ratio of the spinning reel. It determines the number of rotations a reel will have in one crank of the handle. The standard reel and gear ratio are 4:1 and 5:1 and suit the medium-sized reel.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Q. What is the gear ratio of Supreme XT?

Ans. A one-line, Supreme XT comes with a 6.2 gear ratio for 145 yards at 6lb capacity. On the contrary, for 8 lbs, the line limit is 130 yards. However, the 10 lbs line capacity isn’t included in the label.

  • Q. Is Supreme XT a good reel for the Trout rod?

Ans. The Pflueger Supreme XT with 21%, is lightweight compared to the standard spinning fishing reel. This featherweight makes it an exceptional competitor for light Trout rods.

  • Q. Can I switch off the anti-reveres of the reel?

Ans. Yes, you can turn off the reel’s anti-reverse whenever you feel necessary to rectify the line position.


The Pflueger Supreme XT is a fantastic spinning reel for fishing. It’s made of magnesium and 21% lighter while the spool and drag system of the reel is of carbon fiber. This mending makes Supreme XT high-endurance and top-notch performing both in saltwater and freshwater.

So, as we wrap up the Pflueger Supreme XT review, there’s no point in not recommending this stunning spinning reel for anglers. This is the spinning reel that will change your angling experience forever.