Top 6 Most expensive fishing reel | Guide & Reviews

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Holiday seasons are always amusing if you are exploring some fun hobbies. I can vouch for that because I used to go back to my grandparent’s place on every vacation, and my grandfather would take me to do something new.

One of the core memories includes going on a fishing adventure once with him. Since he was passionate about angling, I could not escape all the knowledge-filled conversations he made about everything one needs for fishing trips. That included one of the most fundamental components of the fishing fishing reel.

Previously, people would only chase fishes around the water with their boats and a fishing rod in hand. To make that experience a lot easier, we now have the most expensive fishing reel on the market. But people who will have their first experience with this need to have a little insight into what a fishing reel is.

A fishing reel is a device affixed to one end of a fishing rod to cast and retrieve the spinning line. From the most expensive to the cheapest ones, all the fishing reels consist of bail, spool, gears, handle, and foot. The only difference is in the quality of these components provided to make the most accurate and comfortable cast.

If you are a fishing enthusiast, you have to know about the brands that can furnish your rod with the best reels. Here are some of the points you need to consider and products you should get your hands on to hit the water at your best.

Expensive Fishing Reel

The Most expensive fishing reel brand

  • Daiwa
  • Shimano
  • Abu Garcia
  • Sage
  • Gomexus

Buyer’s guide:

Fishing reels are entirely an angler’s personal choice of device. There are different reel types- Spinning reel, baitcasting reel, fly reel, and overhead reel. You have to consider various details before buying one of these.

Here are some of the insights for each one you need to check out before getting the right reel:

Spinning reel:

These are specialized to have a spinning line while casting it. A reel plays the most crucial key while winding and unwinding a line without getting large knots and backlash. Before buying a spinning reel, check out its bail and spool. 

The spool has to be so that it does not spin itself, rather let the line spin only. The bail has to be built to protect the line both while being engaged and unengaged. 

Baitcasting reel:

These reels work with lines that have a lure on their tip. It does not matter what the bait is made of but what matters is the drag system. These reels have to be made of very sturdy drags if you want to chase the biggest fishes in the ocean or anywhere.

It is necessary to know the gear ratio as well. The first set of numbers in the ratio has to be higher to retrieve lines better.

Fly reel:

Buying a fly-fishing reel is not as easy to buy as the name is. These are the simplest form of reels among the four. Make sure it has all the essential terminologies for a reel but is very lightweight. All the fly reels have a different structure than the other ones.

It has a disc as its gear which should be smoothly screwed for great casting and stowing.

Overhead reel:

These have a similar structure to the baitcasting ones. But it is not mostly for chasing fishes rather than feeding them. Overhead reels have to have very smooth ball bearings so that they can avoid friction. 

The higher the number of ball bearings is, the better the reel.

Reviews about some of the most expensive fishing reels:

1.Daiwa TANACOM1000 Dendoh Fishing Reel:

Why have extra strain on your hands when you can use something that does the same job with its electric power, right? This Daiwa Tanacom1000 is the go-to product for all first-timers and experienced anglers to have the most entertaining experience.

As the name suggests, this reel can hold up to 1000 meters of a spool line. It has a large line guideline guide aperture containing little notches to tie the line with a slipknot to prevent knots on the line.

The reel is good to go with a DC battery. The reel has a throttle on its back, which needs a simple push to start loading the spool line. You can use the same lever to cast a line on the water. It comes with an LCD monitor that tells every speed detail about automatic line casting and retrieving.

2.Shimano Metanium Dc Low Profile Reels:

Shimano is one of the top-notch brands in the world of fishing reels. This product is the most expensive Shimano baitcasting reel. This magnesium-bodied reel is lightweight yet sturdy built. 

Many experienced anglers often do not use baitcasting reels to avoid backlash. But Shimano has brought to you a digital braking system in their device where a microcomputer keeps an eye on the spool line’s speed. That way, you can cast the line miles away without being scared of backlashing.

It has ten drag options, which will lessen pressure on the line and never let the fish win against struggle. This DC battery reel is packed with Shimano’s latest technologies, where you can even skip baits while chasing the fish.

3.Shimano Twin Power Xd Spinning Reel:

Shimano has again come up with the most expensive fishing reel ever sold. If you are interested in hitting the high water and fish in a critical environment, this device is targeted mostly for you. This magnesium-bodied reel is highly protected against saltwater damage.

It has ball bearings that will give you a very smooth rotating capability to handle and use gear without any friction sound. The 6.2 gear ratio is great when fishing the biggest one in the ocean. This device will not get damaged even after drowning in the saltiest water.

If you are looking to purchase something with heavy durability, then this is it. Even though it is a bit on the pricier side, it translates all the claims into reality. It is also better a costly one that may serve you through rather than repeatedly buying bad quality reels.

4.Daiwa SALTIGA6500H Saltwater Spinning Fishing Reel:

Another one from Daiwa is the most expensive fishing reel in the world. It is also constructed to be corrosive resistant. So, you can get on board in saltwater with this one. This product is not just a regular-looking fishing reel; rather, it comes in copper blue in color, which will bring the ocean into your hands.

As the name suggests, the size of the spinning reel is 6500. It has a drag capability of 25-30lb. It is also called the tuna reel because of its smooth dragging system. Among all the other products, it has the best drag performance. The automatic drag system can be very comforting while chasing your trophy fish.

If you are losing sleep over what to look for to satisfy your fishing thrill, it can be the most suitable product for you. The saltwater spinning reel will lessen the strain on your fingertips and let your reel do the real work.

5.GOMEXUS Saltwater Trolling Reel 2 Speed Bluefin Yellowfin Tuna Game Reel:

It is the most expensive bass fishing reel and comes in gold color with an aesthetic look. This product is rich both in the purchase and looks. It is made of solid aluminum that can make you get even the giant fishes in the ocean.

It has nine ball bearings for a smooth casting experience. The 2.5:1 gear ratio is perfect for sustaining the drag pressure. You can retrieve the cast even at a higher chase. The spool capacity is mono 1025yd/80lbs braided 1740yd/200lbs.

As mentioned, this heavy reel will hold up to 80lbs of mono lines with which you can cast it the furthest. The saltwater resistance is also a plus for the reel.

6.Sage Spectrum MAX 9-10 WT Reel Squid Ink Edition:

It is saving the best for the last- the most expensive fly-fishing reel by Sage Spectrum. It is one of the most unique reels ever. It is a lightweight product made with a heavy aluminum rod.

It has an adjustable disc with a great drag range. Although fly fish reels are not made to go after giant fishes, this is a big exception. The disc is all matte finish. 

Many fly reels are tightly screwed, which may be a hindrance while angling. But this reel has a very flexible structure that will make your fishing endeavors even more interesting. You can also line it with heavier lines to cast and retrieve.

Frequently asked questions:

Before buying the most expensive fishing reel, you need to clarify some of the frequently seen inquiries from people. Here are some of them:

1.Are costly fishing reels worth it?

If you are looking for the best quality and heavy water fishing experience, it is worth every penny. There are a lot of unknown brands that sell cheap plastics in the name of fishing reels. But the quality ones will cost you much more than that.

But if you want sustainability, durability, and flexibility, they will go for an expensive one because they surely preserve quality.

2.Which one is better-manual or electric fishing reel?

People are most comfortable with manual ones because these do not create extra duty while changing batteries. If you want a concise workload while fishing, then go for an electric one. All the electric reels come with manual options as well.

However, the manual reel is easily accommodated in hand. They are lightweight. You can turn around the handle however you want with it.

3.What to do when there is a tangled line?

Most of the time, this problem is caused when a spool has a bigger line or has loaded it with more lines than its capability. Every reel comes with a line capacity instruction. It is a smart choice never to load more lines than the capacity.

A reel has a device installed in it, which will monitor the tangling and prevent it. It is advised to buy such a reel if you are more worried about backlash and tangling.

4.What to do when the reel makes noise while casting the line?

If you are fishing anywhere other than the ocean, you just need a quieter environment so that the fishes do not turn away from your boat. One of the hindrances in it is the sound of the reel while casting.

After using it for a long time, the spool tends to get rusty. This is what makes noise while casting. Oil treatments are highly recommended to get rid of such problems.


Some people go fishing once a year. Some people have angling as their passion. For both types of people, knowing about the most expensive fishing reel is a must. Fishing reels are like ornaments to a fishing rod for the best angling experience.

A fishing reel has to be extremely detailed in case of its structure. There are a lot of technical mechanisms to consider which only engineers who make it will understand. Some anglers are also experienced with such jargon.

It is better to investigate every hook and crack of a reel before buying. You do not want to be stuck with a reel that may stop working mid-ocean or tear the line while chasing your trophy fish.

It is not easy to purchase what might be the best reel according to your rod type. Nowadays, both online and physical stores are full of faulty reels. Even when I used to go angling with my grandfather, he would warn me about those.

After researching and experimenting with different types of reels, these are the brands I have come up with that provided my trips with the most comfort. Buying one entirely depends on a person’s taste and how often they go fishing. But if you are looking for the best among the best, then there are definitely to look up to.