The Five Best Striper Fishing Rod Reviews and Buying Guide

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Striper or striped bass is a unique species since it spends time in the river and ocean during its lifetime. The characteristic is known as anadromous, and it has made striper fish an exciting and prized catch for anglers.

However, it would be best to get a fishing rod with proper action and power to get stripper bass. And it aids you with the cause; we have reviewed the five best striper fishing rods with proper action, power, and lure weight fitting for stripers. Plus, the article has a detailed buying guide on the fishing rod for this fish species.

Hence, this is a must-read write-up if you plan to spend your next vacation or weekend with family or friends and catch large striped basses.

The Five Best Striper Fishing Rod Reviews

Since striped bass lives both in the ocean and river, you will need versatile fishing poles. It has to be compatible both in freshwater and saltwater for surf fishing. Also, you may choose two different rods for the purpose.

Here, we present you the five best rods and reels for striper fishing. So, let’s jump into it.

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Our Best Pick
BERRYPRO Light Surf Spinning Rod Striper Fishing Rod Striped Bass Surf Rod (9'/9'6'') (9'-Heavy (12-30lbs))
BERRYPRO Light Surf Spinning Rod Striper Fishing Rod Striped Bass Surf Rod (9’/9’6”) (9′-Heavy (12-30lbs))

Length: 9’

Load capacity: 12-30lbs 

Material: Stainless Steel 

Weight: 9.59 ounces 

Editor Choice
PENN Squall 30 Level Wind Fishing Rod and Trolling Reel Combo, 6.5 Feet
PENN Squall 30 Level Wind Fishing Rod and Trolling Reel Combo, 6.5 Feet

Length: 6.5’ 

Load capacity: 20-50lbs 

Material: Aluminum

Best Overall


Load capacity:10-25lbs 

Material: Composite Graphite  

Weight:8.78 ounces  

1. BERRYPRO Light Surf Spinning Striper Fishing Rod

If your targeted fishes are mostly inshore species such as striped bass or corbina, getting the BERRYPRO fishing rod will seal the deal once and for all. It has outstanding power and sensitivity, which you can count on to get the big fish comfortably.

The blank is made of IM8 X-carbon, which is durable lightweight, and exceedingly sensitive. So, you can identify the tiniest fish bite with it easily. Plus, its increased power means getting the targeted species will be easy- the fish is less likely to escape.

The fishing guide is made of stainless steel. Its ring has ceramic construction. The combo offers smooth casting, reducing friction at the contact point between the fishing line and guide.  Also, the improved sensitivity of the fishing line will transfer to your hands through the guide, thanks to its guide alignment with the fishing line.

Also, the best striper rod features excellent ergonomics and EVA foam grip. So, it won’t slip from the hand in any conditions. Its durability is impeccable both in salt and freshwater. Hence, you can confidently take it for surf and bay fishing with light tackles.


  • Length: 9’
  • Load capacity: 12-30lbs
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Weight: 9.59 ounces
  • Functional and aligned guide 
  • Ergonomic and Eva foaming grip 
  • Excellent sensitivity and response
  • The line retrieval is not so impressive


If you are looking for a striped bass surf fishing rod that can detect the lightest bite quickly, the BERRYPRO surf rod will be the best option by far. Its medium power and high sensitivity are made with professionals in mind.

2. PENN Squall II Reel and Fishing Rod Combo

The Penn Squall is the best striper rod reel combo for big game fish that you can get for the money at present. The rod is made with a lightweight graphite frame with just about the right sensitivity and power to catch bass stripes.

The main gear is made of bronze, while the side gear features steel construction. The entire setup is rust and corrosion-proof for use in saltwater for surf fishing. You can depend on its high response to detect the light fish bites ASAP. Plus, its sensitivity to transferring from the line to the hand via guide is so smooth that you won’t even notice it.

At 6.5ft in length, the rod may be on a shorter side. But the rod makes up for it with its carbon fiber drag system. It has an HT100 drag system which is the smoothest in the market. It doesn’t cause any friction at all.

Next, the fishing reel is a baitcasting fishing reel. Its Penn Dura line guide is super-flexible and easily moves back and forth for comfortable line retrieval. Also, it will distribute the fishing line evenly throughout the spool, and it stops unwanted build-ups for catching big fish. Therefore, you can trust its performance on the shoreline.


  • Length: 6.5’
  • Load capacity: 20-50lbs
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Ratio: 4:1:1
  • One-piece construction is easily portable 
  • EVA foam grips are comfortable and non-slip 
  • Excellent dragging and smoother line retrieval
  • The sides aren’t smooth and cause scratches on the hand


The fishing baitcasting reel and rod are a perfect combo for anglers. It is affordable and responsive for an outstanding surf fishing experience.

3. TICA Striper Collector WIGA Fishing Rod Series

The TICA striper fishing rod rates at 1-25 pounds and features a medium-duty drag system that easily withstands constant pressure. Plus, it can handle striper trolling setups better than regular rods, thanks to its improved balance.

Also, the two-piece fishing rod is made using composite graphite material. Hence, it features the lightness of graphite and the sturdiness of composite material. It means you can depend on the fishing rod for fishing in extreme conditions without any issues. It won’t catch rust and corrosion and won’t get damaged even in saltwater conditions.

Plus, the rod has reasonable pricing, which is a great benefit for serious inshore anglers. And as a sign of a good-quality fishing rod, it has outstanding sensitivity. You can also count on its friction-free dragging system to offer you smooth retrieval. Therefore, you will find striped fishing bass with this TICA striper fishing rod easy and comfortable.

Its cast lure range is between ½-2 ounces which is enough to catch some big fish easily. Plus, its guide is located in a convenient place with good alignment. So, you can expect smooth line retrieval with the fishing rod.

Last but not least, with a reasonable price and an outstanding rod series, this striper fishing rod offers an excellent bargain for anglers.


  • Length: 7.6’
  • Load capacity: 10-25lbs
  • Material: Composite Graphite
  • Weight: 8.78 ounces
  • Super-responsive and fast action rod
  • Its pricing is highly reasonable 
  • Powerful and durable blank design 
  • Nothing reported so far 


We recommend the fishing line for those who want a bargain rod on a strict budget. You can use it in both inshore and surf fishing confidently.

4. Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Fishing Rod

Are you looking for an affordable striper fishing rod that can withstand serious and heavy beating? Then, you need not look further than the Ugly Stik spinning fishing pole. The rod offers outstanding strength and feels on the water. Hence, you can catch some big fish with it quite easily.

The best pole for striper fishing is made of graphite and fiberglass. Thus, the composite frame is stronger than the regular graphite ones. In fact, the manufacturer claims that it is 35% more graphite. So, it has excellent strength.  Plus, it has great sensitivity and a hand feel. The feel is crucial since many anglers say that the right feel improves angling confidence.

On top of it, its tip has a transparent design. It also increases the fishing rod responsiveness. It allows you to detect the small bites quicker and better to improve the fishing opportunity. Its 1-piece design is lightweight and portable. So, you can easily carry it with you, and it will fit with all fishing lines without any problem.

The overall fishing experience is comfortable with guide alignment and ergonomic grip. You will also find its line retrieval quite impressive.


  • Length: 6.6’
  • Load capacity: 6-12lbs
  • Material: Graphite and fiberglass
  • Weight: 6.38 ounces
  • Great response, feel, and sensitivity 
  • Extremely durable design for angling 
  • Available in different lengths for all 
  • The clear fishing tip is responsive and attractive 
  • Its fishing line weight load is pretty limited 


The spinning fishing rod can take hard bites quite confidently. Also, it is affordable and will leave an excellent feel despite being a lightweight fishing pole.

5. SHIMANO TREVALA Spinning Jigging Rod

Shimano Trevela is designed for increased sensitivity and extreme durability to make difficult fishing look easy. The black design is almost ridiculously outstanding, and that too with comparably lightweight construction.

You can use it with high power and speedy fishing lines to elevate you’re angling experience. Plus, its recovery rate is one of the fastest in the industry, making it one of the best fishing rods for striped bass. On top of it, professional anglers also appreciate its improved response. Thus, you can dominate the fish better.

For durability, the manufacturer has used graphite to make the fishing rod. Plus, its reinforced guide is aligned perfectly. So, you will find using the jigging rod comfier than ever. Also, the entire frame and guide have a diamond finish. It allows the rod to dissipate heat and withstand corrosion better than its counterparts.

Last but not least, the spinning rod will be your favorite one, thanks to its EVA grip. It is anti-slip and ergonomic for long angling hours.


  • Length: 8’
  • Load capacity: 10-25lbs
  • Material: Graphite
  • Weight: 13.6 ounces
  • Super-responsive spinning fishing rod
  • The series offers different lengths of rods 
  • Speedy and high-power application with fishing lines 
  • The fishing pole is a touch expensive 


You should use the fishing pole with Shimano Butterfly jigs to avail the best fishing experience. You will love how easily it catches the striped bass and other species.

Best Striper Fishing Rod
Best Striper Fishing Rod

How to Buy the Best Striper Fishing Rod

Action and power have the most influential role to play in rating the striper fishing rod. However, its rating also includes line strength, weight load range, and construction material. The following discussion will unveil these factors briefly for you.

Rod Action and Power

The rod action is linked to its bending capacity when fully loaded. Fast-action rods are stiff and create an excellent hook grip. However, it is not so good at casting.  The medium-fast rod has improved casting. You can use it with heavy lures and plugs mostly.

Lastly, slow-action fishing rods are suitable for jigging and trolling although it isn’t suitable for easy casting. For stripers, we recommend you choose fishing rods with medium to fast action.

And for power, you may choose medium-heavy and medium-power fishing rods for striped bass. The fish is not wimpy. So, you need to find a consistent power delivery from the rod.

Rod Length

Next, you must understand the ideal length for fishing striped bass. For catching these fishes, you won’t need a longer fishing rod. Expert anglers say that choosing from 6ft to 8ft length will yield the best results.

Longer rods are better for casting at far distances. You can use light baits with it. However, selecting the short rods will be a better option for enhanced hooking accuracy and heavier baits. So, you have to check the fishing area and then finalize the actual fishing rod length you would want.

Construction and Material

The fishing rod will take heavy beats in water and must be highly durable to withstand the different conditions. For this, it needs to be built with premium material. Graphite and stainless steel fishing rods are the most common.

Also, some manufacturers use composite graphite or fiberglass to make the fishing poles lighter yet durable. Some high-end bass-striped fishing rods may be made of S-class or E-class materials, but that will be too pricey, particularly for beginners.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is the right length for striper fishing rods?

Ideally, the striper fishing rods should be around 6ft to 8ft. Since bass-striped species don’t live in deep water, you won’t need a longer fishing pole for them.

  • What is the most suitable gear ratio for bass stripers?

Bass striper fishing rod should have a 6:3:1 gear ratio. It permits a perfect balance between speedy retrieval and trolling with sufficient power.

  • What is the weight of an average striped bass?

As striped bass gets older, they grow in length and weight. An 8-pound striper will be around five years and 24″ long. Older fishes may grow up to 29″ and 12 pounds.


Striped bass is one of the most prized catches across the northern coast of America. Every angler dreams of catching a large striper during their vacation and weekend. The five best striper fishing rods reviewed in this article will make your dream come true with ease.

You will have an unforgettable bass fishing experience with any one of these striped fishing poles. Plus, with the right bait and lures, you can use these fishing rods to catch other species as well- double bonanza!